Nomad Triangular Solar Sail

Nomad Sail 120 Gr

A great shade sailtriangularoutdoor, pto protect from sun, wind and prying eyes; ideal for the garden, camping ...

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Description:/ Strong>Decorative shading in shape ofTriangle of 300 x 300 x 250 cm / 3 m2/ Strong>, for the garden, camping, for the beach, etc./ Span>

Nylon fabric(Waterproof) density of 120gr / m2 , ecru color.


Nylon solar sail

1 x Metal picket, Height: 220 cm - foldable in 4x 55 cm segments - in steel, diameter 19 mm, covered with white paint - ends in the upper part by a cone and in the lower part by a cap - Fastening the sail - Fixing the rope for exert a counter-tension.

2 x cords - length 3.0 m- to stretch the sail.

4 x sardines - to fix the sail to the ground and to hold the 2 cords - length 19 cm

Packing: bag 70 x 22 x 4cm

: Sun Creme ; Anti-water repellent; Rot

Setting up

This shade sail does not take up space. Easy to install oneself, the sails do not require professional installation, they are quickly assembled or dismantled (for the winter or in bad weather for example).

Children should not be allowed to play with elastic ropes because of the risk of injury.

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