Sail 3,6m density 200 Gr

Anti-UV triangular shading sail, anti-water-repellent, rot-proof and resistant (polyester), at a low price.


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Description:Made in polyester,these sails are waterproof

- The fabric is 100% polyester of200Gr per square meter, and UV treated

- Use on terraces, play equipment and courtyards.

- The sides are slightly curved inwards to prevent the sail from flying in the middle

- Insensitive to humidity and extreme natural temperatures our sail is a quality outdoor product.

- LThe rounded corners are equipped with galvanized 12mm eyelets, the reinforced edges of the same color, for the durability and durability of the product.


:Sun Creme ; Anti-water repellent; Rot
easy care, washable at 40 °

Setting up

This shade sail does not take up space. Easy to install oneself, the sails do not require professional installation, they are quickly assembled or dismantled (for the winter or in bad weather for example). The elastic cords contained in the attachment kit have a tilting tip on one side (to go through the eyelets of the sail) and a metal hook on the other side (to put in the eyelet of the screw). Children should not be allowed to play with elastic ropes because of the risk of injury. Provide a slope to avoid pockets of water.

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