Serre de jardin en verre Miccolo M04 ACD 2,46m² rose

Miccolo M04 ACD glass garden greenhouse 2.46m²

Wall greenhousegardeninglassandaluminum Miccolo M04 ACD of 2.46m² . Asmall garden greenhouseperfect for tight spaces with its dimension of 82x298cm.

Available in natural aluminum as well as in 29 RAL colors


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Delivery time 5 to 6 weeks

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The dealer has all ACD Prestige greenhouse action models in his assortment. You can view one or more of these action models. The dealer is responsible for sales and technical support in choosing your greenhouse. The premium retailer has the full range of ACD Prestige greenhouses: classic cultivation greenhouses, elegant living greenhouses, lean-to greenhouses and trendy urban greenhouses. From these different assortments , you can visualize several models on display in real-life situations. The premium dealer is responsible for sales and technical support in choosing your greenhouse. The premium dealer will also help you and give you specialist advice on installation options. A project reseller focuses specifically on a product from the ACD range. You can view the product and rely on professional advice.

ACD, Innovative, solid & durable

Advantage of an ACD Prestige leisure greenhouse from the ridge to the foundation.

  1. 4mm clear safety glass
  2. Unique self-supporting foundation thanks to the double tubular profile with double closure
  3. Professional corner profiles
  4. Tubular glass profiles
  5. Stainless steel bolts and nuts
  6. Large ridge height with storm protection
  7. Adequate outer gutter with universal drains
  8. Wide condensation channel
  9. Closed tubular ridge
  10. Waterproof and windproof rubber bands
  11. High and spacious sliding door
  12. Corner and ridge reinforcement plates
  13. Strong links with tie rods
  14. 4mm hammered tempered glass in the roof
avantage d'une serre de loisir ACD Prestige de la faîtière à la fondation

Description of the ACD Urban Murale Miccolo M04 greenhouse

This greenhouse Miccolo, it is the half-version of the Piccolo range and can lean against a wall, with a surface area of 2.46m², it was specially designed for our balconies and terraces more narrowts. With this version, the longer side is placed against the wall. offers a stable structure in aluminumwith aglazingof security. Natural aluminum brings an aspect of modernity and elegance to this greenhouse. When it comes to safety glass, it offers better resistance to the elements of nature, such as hail and snow, and is 7 times more resistant than the standard drawn horticultural glass. Your children can therefore play in complete safety around the greenhouse without the risk of injury or breakage.

The Miccolo greenhouse youwill allowofcultivateyour aromatic herbs (mint, chives, parsley, thyme…) and vegetables (tomatoes, salad, zucchini…) and to share fun moments with the family.

A hammered safety glass roof for a aspectunique.

The advantages of a greenhouse with a hammered safety glass roof are numerous:

The sun's rays are broken, reducing the chance of burning your plants (no magnifying effect)

Abetter light distribution , which allows the plants to better se develop and strengthen

Lcondensation water flows onto the glass without leaving any drops on the plants and therefore are less susceptible to disease

The ventilation windowallows you to regulate the temperature and humidity of your tight, in case of extreme heat, do not hesitate to ventilate your garden greenhouse Miccolo M03 ACD.

Urban Greenhouses Miccolo M04 by ACD

Our Urban range: an exclusive range of greenhouses. They are small on the surface but large in quality and a feast for the eyes!

You have an infinite number of applications
  1. Vegetable garden and urban garden
  2. Winterize your plants
  3. Have a return to the land, the countryside: enjoy the vitamins of the garden in town
  4. As additional living space for the mid-season by placing furniture for reading, playing, dreaming, resting, etc ...
  5. ...
Fully integrated into your urban space even when it is limited. These urban greenhouses can also be placed in the following locations:
  1. On balcony
  2. On terrace, roof platform ...
  3. In the urban garden and vegetable patch ...
serres acd description parois droite Piccolo P03 par ACDserres acd en applique Miccolo M02 par ACD

INCLUDED when purchasing an ACD urban greenhouse® Miccolo M04

  • Tempered hammered glass roof (4mm)
  • Clear tempered glass side walls (4mm)
  • FREE home delivery (Benelux and France) in kit (not in package) to be assembled either by yourself or by an assembler certified by ACD ®
  • Self-supporting aluminum base with anchors
  • 10 years warrantyor 12 years if fitted by an approved fitter
  • Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks (5 to 6 weeks for a lacquered greenhouse)
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Assembly of the ACD greenhouse® by a Certified fitter of the brand

  1. For aquick and easy installation , we offer an assembly service for your ACD greenhouse® . Our team of ACD certified fitters determine with you an assembly day and move in all of France and Luxembourg.
  2. After validation of your order, we will contact you by phone and we will answer all your questions. It is also the moment to define the perimeter of the project: help in choosing the preparation of the ground, slab, perimeter foundation, leveling of the ground.
  3. The assembly time depends on the size of the greenhouse, from 1 to 2 days maximum.

Guaranteed information

The installation of the greenhouse by a certified fitter Increases warranty from 10 to 12 years .

Complete step-by-step article on mounting an ACD greenhouse

Fiche technique
Color30 colors to choose from // RAL
Product Guarantee10 years
Area (m²)2.46
Width (m)0.82
Length (m)2.98
Gutter Height (m)1.79
Ridge Height (m)2.19
Ventilation skylight (number)1
Doors (numbers)1
Door opening (HxW)1.61 x 0.68
Greenhouse TypeFreestanding
Panels4mm tempered glass
Hardware storeStainless steel
RAL Colors
Video Montage
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