Mât alu 260cm Ingenua Umbrosa incliné 90°

Aluminum mast 260cm Ingenua Umbrosa 90

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Poles at the height of our expectations. Ingenua wanted to create aluminum poles inspired by sailboats, of formidable efficiency for a quick dismantling of the sails of shade.


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  • Pillar 260 cm
  • Pillar 300 cm
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logo ingenua mat or umbrella postNew 2016! Excluded Leparadisdujardin.fr , we can now customize the color of the Posts, In red for example. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at service-client@leparadisdujardin.fr

Unlike other similarly similar mats, Umbrosa's Ingenua is differentiated by its versatility, the precise cutting of the pieces, a well thought out lever as well as the colors chosen with subtlety.

- 90 ° aluminum mast measures 260 or 300 cm New in 2016! and only has advantages. It can be removed in winter, the sail can be adjusted in a fraction of a second over the entire length of the mast. This Ingenua Umbrosa mast is compatible with all types of sails such as Ingenua, Coolaroo, sailshadeworld, Nesling, etc ....


  • the attachment of the mast mustuse a screw-in base, concreting or fixing.
  • Using a 300cm pillar we recommend using a heavy insertion tube.
  • Umbrosa Guarantee the fixing of 2 sails per post mounted at 90 °, if you want to mount them at 75 ° or put 3 bindings on a mat we recommend using the heavy insertion tube 260 or 300 cm.

Package contents:

1 post with 1 sliding fastener.

Available options:

  • 90 ° round support: for an existing slab installation
  • the 90 ° concreting anchor: for installation in a loose concrete floor.
  • New !: heavy insertion tube: recommended for 300 cm pillars or for installation of several sails on a 260 cm mast.
  • sliding fastening element: for attaching an additional sail
  • the flat base: ideal if you want to quickly remove the post from the ground without unscrewing the bottoms (on a fixing slab!).
Fiche technique
MarkUmbrosa - Ingenua
Height (cm)260 or 300 cm
RangeIndividual Professional
Mat finishIn aluminium
ColorAlu, White, Black, Champagne
Package contents1 pillar 260 or 300 cm, 1 sliding fixing element
useIndoor / outdoor, seaside, swimming pool
Product Guarantee2 years

Manual of Mats 75 and 90

Manual illustrated with pictures of unpacking and assembly of Umbrosa poles

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Installation advice

Council of installation of masts and sails umbrosa ingenua

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Ingenua triangle plug

Technical data of ingenua Umbrosa triangular sails.

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Rectangle Ingenua

Technical data of ingenua Umbrosa rectangular sails.

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Ingenua Square Sheet

Technical sheet of sails squareingenua Umbrosa.

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Umbrosa Warranty

Guarantee covering the Umbrosa range

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Umbrosa Ingenua Manuel

Generalized mast (s) with manual assembly for Ingenua sails

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 couleur natural Solidum 250gr/m² range
Canvas couleurs Solidum range 250gr/m²
Gray couleur Solidum range 250gr/m²
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Marble couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Curacao couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Mint couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
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Flannel couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
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Linen couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range

UX Collection

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Colors ral 9005 Range Ux Collection
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RAL SIFO Colors Ux Collection Range


UV rays impact all fabrics and materials found outdoors. On the one hand we are talking about a "discouleuration" of the fabrics and on the other side of a "sagging". Both impacts can influence the lifespan of the products. In addition UV rays also harm people. UV rays cause sunburn, skin aging and cancer in all of these collections, which have color consistency and provide the necessary protection. All this in order to guarantee you pleasure for years in a graceful way.


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