Kit d'entretien Umbrosa multi-usages pour toute la gamme de parasol

Umbrosa maintenance kit

The maintenance kit is ideal for the maintenance of the entire Umbrosa Range

Sold only in addition to a Store or Canvas from the Umbrosa range./ Strong>


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Umbrosa maintenance kit
Non-corrosive and biodegradable cleaner Multi-purpose /


  • Aqua clean Pro 700 ml + spray
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponges without scratching

Ideal for the maitenance of:

  • lacquered parts/ Li>
  • anodized profiles
  • Stainless steel parts
  • small spots on textile
  • parts made of synthetic material.


 couleur natural Solidum 250gr/m² range
Canvas couleurs Solidum range 250gr/m²
Gray couleur Solidum range 250gr/m²
Taupe couleur Solidum 250gr/m² range
Solidum 250gr/m² Range couleurs


Marble couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Curacao couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Mint couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Blush couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Pepper couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Lichen couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Adriatic couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
couleur blue storm Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Flannel couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
couleur black Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Linen couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range

UX Collection

Colors ral 9018 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 9005 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 3007 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 6007 Range Ux Collection
RAL SIFO Colors Ux Collection Range


UV rays impact all fabrics and materials found outdoors. On the one hand we are talking about a "discouleuration" of the fabrics and on the other side of a "sagging". Both impacts can influence the lifespan of the products. In addition UV rays also harm people. UV rays cause sunburn, skin aging and cancer in all of these collections, which have color consistency and provide the necessary protection. All this in order to guarantee you pleasure for years in a graceful way.

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