Umbrosa Eclipse

Umbrosa Eclipse

The concept Eclipse is ultra modern and innovative. Acquire Eclipse, this is acquire a unique dport parasol.

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New! Ring rotate on 360°


umbrosa eclipse


Canvas available in 2 finishes:

  • Chart type Premium olefin: 190 gr/m2 density, protection 8 UV 80, manufactured in Spain and warranty 3 years. Available in 11 choices of colours.
  • Swatches Limited edition of type acrylic (Sunbrella) : densit 290 gr/m2, protection UPF50 +, manufactured in France, 3 year warranty. available in 8 colors to choose from.

Qualit : Anti-UV, anti-dperlant. Pillar 240cm - anodized aluminum - ring-aluminium ring inside a fiberglass.
Maintenance : maximum 40 c machine washable. No dry cleaning. Do not use product dtergent. No ironing. No schage in drum. Download wash here instruction.


  • Protective cover included!
  • Rotation 360 support is also included (set on soil/concrete or use a flat base or anchor of btonnage).

Data sheet
Density of the canvas Gr/m190, 270 gr/m
Finish of the canvasOLEFIN, acrylic, Pvc
Finish of the mastAluminum - fiberglass
The shape of the canvasOther forms
RangeGarden and terrace
Height (cm)235 cm
MarkUmbrosa - Rimbou
ModelLuxury Dport
MovementAdjustable height, Rotation 360
Quality Anti-UV6: 7-8 Max
Quality of the canvasAnti-uv, Anti-dperlant

Eclipse technical document

Technical paper written in English to know everything about the umbrella umbrosa eclipse as the weight, number of pieces, dimensions, etc...

Download (419.85k)

Editing Eclipse manual

Manual editing of the parasol Umbrosa Eclipse, written document in several languages (EN, NL, FR, of, IT, SP)

Download (3.17M)
Color Pallet

Premium Umbrosa

Tissu : 190g/m² - Olefine - 3 years guarantee fading - UV 7/8 (max 8). The colors marked with (*) are only available in 2.7m hexagonal size.


premium mint premium mandarine premium sunflower premium alba premium terra premium camel premium nero premium taupe premium stonegrey premium roma premium red


Limited Edition Umbrosa

Tissu :Acrylique 270g/m² - Dickson Sunbrella®) - 3 years guarantee stains - UV 7/8 (max = 8).


Sunbrella® fabrics are renowned worldwide for their high quality as outdoor fabric. This brand has been developed there over 30 years by Glen Raven USA for marine activity. These 100% acrylic fabrics are water repellent, rot-proof and have a high UV resistance to breakage and fading. Indeed, Sunbrella® fabrics are exclusively woven from acrylic fibers "dyed". The specificity of "dyed" is that mixing color pigments in the heart of the fiber at its initial stage of manufacture, that is to say even before producing the yarn. Sunbrella® much longer retains its colors confronting the aggression of the sun, moon, water and salt. Finally, all the Sunbrella® fabrics are treated in a specific formulation based on nanotechnology. This exclusive treatment protects the tissue of climatic stress, fats and atmospheric pollution. It preserves its appearance over the years and maintenance is much easier.

limited edition paris red limited edition pink limited edition canvas limited edition taupe limited edition granite limited edition olive limited edition lagoon limited edition orange



Tissu : 275g/m² - Acrylique - 3 years warranty fading - UV 7/8 (max 8). Sunacryl outdoor fiber by Dickson.

A natural air conditioner, Sunvision is a versatile canvas finding its place on the outside and inside. Valances rollable, roller blinds or Japanese walls, Sunvision fits all projects elegant decoration and design. By combining visual comfort and UV blocking the benefits of textile feel of a curtain, is an openwork fabric Sunvision both unique and versatile on the market.Look link Dickson here.

Sunvision Granite Sunvision roma

Airtex ( Imperméable )

Tissu : 240g/m² - Airtex Top - 3 years of warranty fading - UV 768 ( max 8 ). Look link Mehler Technologies + link files of washing.

Airtex Gris-Grey Airtex Blanc


* News

Video of Use

Video Test by TUDelft company of Wind resistance 31 Mph


This tab named "Warranty" is the only valid document and protects Leparadisdujardin / Planteparadise any errors displayed on a website sheet.

The standard warranty is Umbrosa 2 years on all products. The fabrics have a 3-year warranty against fading.

The guarantee may be invoked Umbrosa at incorrect usage of our products and for damages that are not due to normal use. The guarantee does not apply when misused.

  • use in bad weather (rain or wind). The usual speeds are indicative.
  • Umbrosa products are warranted at a wind speed of 50km / h or 6 bBeaufort. Proper mounting is required!.
  • The damage tissue caused by exposure to a heat source (BBQ / heating) or the use of unsuitable cleaning products.
  • The damage due to improper mounting for installation.
  • The use of specific Umbrosa (non-standard) with dimensions adapted or modified.
  • This list is not engaging and is not exhaustive.

The guarantee Umbrosa consists in the replacement or repair of the defective part. Transport and labor for the account of the user.

Some products are excluded from any warranty if:

  • The zipper Paraflex and Basic parasols.
  • The string voltage Ingenua sails.

The guarantee can be claimed upon presentation of the original invoice indicating the date of purchase.

In a professional use in bars, restaurants, cafes, ... The guarantee is limited to one year .

warranty management is carried out by our services:

  • email:
  • at

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