voile nesling triangle 5m densité 285gr en hdpe ajouré qualité premium terracotta

Sail 5m Density 285Gr

Extra Quality 285 grams!/ Strong>The Nesling Manufacturing sails are of very good quality in natural colors.


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Equilateral triangle of size 5 x 5 m, manufactured in HDPE 285 grams.

The advantages of the product:
  • Extra Quality 285 grams!/ Strong>The Nesling Manufacturing sails are of very good quality in natural colors. The fabric is very thick.
  • Protection90-95%anti-uv (laboratory tested NWT).
  • Let the light pass/ Strong>thanks to "airy" weaving.
  • Refresh hot days: the heat rises and passes through the mesh of the canvas./ Li>
  • No need for slope, because the water passes through "about 30%"./ Li>
  • Polyethylene thread knotted:very resistant and anti-fouling.
  • Easy to clean with a soft brush of warm water and Marseille soap./ Li>
  • Guarantee of 10 yearsagainst the fading of the sail./ Li>
  • Guarantee5 yearsagainst malformations.
laboratoire tno


Couleur creme, avec fil blanc 1 sur deux couleur sable du désert (sand) fil blanc 1 sur 2 couleur nesling terracotta (terre cuite)Couleur gris anthracite gris metal avec fil noir 1 sur 2"All-black

The Nesling colors are very well made for more natural, they are cut with 1 thread lighter one seam out of two, which makes the appearance of the most extras. The colors appear less neutral bringing relief, the plastic effect of the hdpe is dimmed. Made extra!

Note the color Terracotta, pulls to the terracotta, more realistic than Coolaroo.

Nesling is differentiated by two colors anthracite gray and black. Anthracite gray takes "dark metal effect" while black is indisputably coal color!


Nesling's shade sails are suitable for a "permanent" installation in the summer season.

Resistant to wind and rain.

Accompanied by the detailed installation instructions, Nesling products are easy to install.

Anti mold, resistant and high quality.


canvas: HDPE 285 grams!

Rings: Triangular shape, 8mm thick, in 316 stainless steel.

Sewing: UV protection: 90-95% (tested by Dutch independent laboratory TNO).

Package contents:

a shade sail with its transparent storage bag.

Fiche technique
Quality of the canvasPremium
Anti-UV quality90 to 95% UV protection
Weight (kg)5
RangeIndividual Professional
Shape of the WebEquilateral triangle
Finishing the canvasHDPE
Dimensions (cm)500 x 500 x 500 cm
Density of the fabric Gr / m²285 gr / m²
Colour and texture

logo nesling


Colour Available:  tissu ajouré ( voile, store bateau et store horizontal ).
couleur beige/creme nesling
couleur sable du désert nesling
couleur anthracite nesling
couleur noir nesling
couleur terracotta nesling
couleur lemon lime - vert citron nesling


Colours Available:  tissu imperméable ( uniquement pour certaines voiles d'ombrages Nesling )
tissu imperméable 220gr plus teflon nesling
tissus imperméable 220gr plus teflon nesling


Texture tissu Ajouré (hdpe) et Imperméable (polyester).
voile hdpe nesling voile d'ombrage
aspect technique tissus imperméable nesling

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