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Graphik hammock with wooden bar, high-end Brazilian-made Jobekcord fabric. Sleeping dimensions (wide) very comfortable for your moments of relaxation! Available in 12 colors. New for 2019! multiple colors .


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Hammock with wooden bar "GRAPHIK" for one person . Composed of a very robust fabric JOBEKCORD (high-end manufacturing) , large choice between 12 < / span> colors with different patterns . UV resistance, antimicrobial fabric, easy care and quick drying.


  • Uni Taupe
  • Orange yellow red stripes
  • Fuschia pink stripes
  • Anthracite à FRANGE
  • ecru orange green
  • anthracite turquoise
  • ecru with FRINGE
  • Vintage
  • Magnifico
  • Sunny
  • Jean (with 2% elastane)
  • Flower Power (100% cotton)


  • Bed dimensions: 140 x 200 cm
  • Bar size: 78.5 cm
  • Total length: 140 x 300 cm

Guarantee: 5 years

Maximum load: 120 kg

Weight: 1.5 kg

Subject: Jobekcord

Sold without support

JOBEKCORD is a high-tech textile, resistant over time without loss of color.

  • Thread Type: 720 Deniers / 288 filaments
  • Polypropylene "TASLAN"
  • An "AIR JET" texture

PRODUCTION: The base material is called polymer, used in many synthetic materials such as polyester, polyamide or polyethylene ... We also add other plasticizers and stabilizers which gives form to the final material.

UV resistant and anti-discoloration: A large number of anti-UV pigments are added to the textile which gives great resistance to discoloration. Compared to polyester, polypropylene is much softer to the touch and better UV resistant, it is also lighter which is an advantage in water retention (It dries much faster).

Textured Taslan-Air Jet: To obtain a structure similar to cotton thread, the surface of the thread must be broken.

There are two methods used:

  • The easiest is called false twist , that is to say the fibers are turned against each other in order to obtain a rough structure, this method is mainly used for clothing fabrics.
  • The textured Air jet method that is used for the JOBEKCORD works with water and air pressure. It is much slower but more intense which gives a softer feel for the thread and the fabric.
Metal supports: Our carefully produced metal supports in Europe are stable and robust. They offer good load resistance and excellent resistance to UV and weathering.
Wood: Our wooden bow and bar supports are all FSC® certified 100%: Forest Stewarship Council®, the brand of responsible forest management. We select the best species of wood and use only wood over 25 years old.

TREATMENTS: The JOBEKCORD undergoes anti-mold and anti-bacterial treatment.

PRODUCERS: There are only a dozen companies in the world capable of producing yarns in JOBEKCORD, that's why it is a fiber High-tech. This fabric is unalterable, has high resistance over time and to water and of course is soft to the touch.

CONCLUSION: Our hammocks are composed of a high-end technological thread (unlike the Cotton-Polyester blend found in other hammock manufacturers) on a 100% FSC wooden bar. Our treatment gives it many advantages for optimum use outdoors. Our hammocks are ALL woven in workshops in Fortalezza (Brazil) which has been specific for decades.

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