Transat Easy quiet Solo Neo par hémisphère edition structure blanche

Transat Easy quiet Solo Neo

Lot of 2 EASY QUIET deckchairs, in solo or neo mode? Solo which can live alone posed on the ground like a wave or be raised by the Neo ... very flexible the neo can be used as a table. Comfort is optimized by high quality mattresses (optional)


438,00 €TTC

  • Solo alone
  • Solo + Neo
  • no option
  • Beige mattress
  • Ecru mattress
  • Black mattress
  • Red mattress
  • Green mattress
  • Turquoise mattress
  • Light gray mattress
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Sold in sets of 2 (transat-neo-mattresses) - EASY QUIET deckchair set, SOLO and NEO plinth (optional mattress) . Aluminum structure, braided resin treated anti-UV in "anthracite" color.

The NEO base has 3 functions: < / span>

  • Stand for Solo
  • Coffee table
  • Seat

    Mattress option (polyester): coloris (sold per set of 2 of the same color)

    • raw
    • Black
    • red
    • Turquoise
    • green
    • light gray

    • Dimensions:

        • Solo 67 X 185 X H 54 cm (weight 6 kg)
        • Neo 96 X 36 X H 67 cm (weight 8.5 Kg)


      Clean your furniture with clean water or soapy without detergent, and wipe it thoroughly to avoid lime marks. Do not rub with an abrasive or metallic sponge and do not use scouring powder or any other detergent. For very stubborn soiling, use an alcoholic window cleaner or a specific product such as multi-purpose cleaner. For mixed metal and resin furniture, clean the resin with soapy water, or using a soft brush and a specific product, such as a multi-purpose cleaner in the event of encrusted soiling.


      All Hémisphère Editions furniture is guaranteed 1 year (wood and metal furniture) and 2 years (resin furniture) against corrosion or other appearance degradation. The following are excluded from the warranty: Deterioration linked to a lack of care or to non-compliance with the precautions and advice on receipt, assembly, use, maintenance and storage of furniture. The natural wear and tear of the materials used. Departures of corrosion resulting from scratches or abrasions due to use and which cannot be eliminated by means of routine cleaning and maintenance. Corrosion of stainless steel parts due to use in a chlorinated and confined environment. Changes in the appearance of wood due to its aging. Wood is a living material, its surface condition changes by nature.

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