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Spectra Multi, is a very complete, oriented umbrella for professionals it is also important to concerned individuals of the quality < /p>

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croquis vue du dessus umbrosa spectra duo, parasol double

The Spectra Multi is like the rest of the range provided in Premium tissue but also in Limited Edition, new 2016! , the chassis are now available in colors black or white, serious logo Umbrosa. < /p >

  • Premium: Olefin with a density of 190 gr/m² fabric < /.strong >, protection UV 8, made in Spain the range is made up of 11 colours. < /li >
  • Limited Edition: With a density of 270 gr/m² Sunbrella fabric < /.strong >, UV protection, 7/8, manufactured in France by Dickson, the range consists of 8 colours...li >

Umbrosa Spectra duo is available in one size (sheet technie) downloadable < /.p >

  • the dimension of open umbrellas is 500 cm x 500 cm or 25 m² of surface shaded. < /li>

With its unique shape the spectra 300 offers an infinite range of positions. This sober umbrella combines the beauty of a flat concept the functionality of a system fan. Thanks to this system, the parasol folds horizontally. A unique contemporary concept.

  • technology in range.li >
  • solidwind-resistant and e...li >
  • modern minimalism
    How to choose the angle of the pillar
  • matter of taste.
  • issue of seat on the terrace.
  • forward = foot away from your table.
  • Each spectra folds against the mast and ranks with a protective cover (included).
umbrosa Spectra carré
umbrosa Spectra carré
umbrosa Spectra carré
  • the chassis are composed of two pillars 260cm high, anodized aluminum and fiberglass structure. < /li >
  • The installation is at 90 ° < /.li >
  • New: available now in black or white frame with logo mark engraved.
  • the protective cover is included! the dimensions of the sail may vary from +/-2%.
  • Important: If you install 2 spectra multi one next to the other there will be a distance of 20 cm between the two.
  • If you do not plan to fix the duo on a slab surface spectra,There will be a base or anchor of concreting. < /li >

Anti UV and anti water repellent, all the equipment designed by Umbrosa is of excellent quality.


In the washing machine at 40 ° C maximum, no cleaning to dry, do not use detergent, no ironing, no drum drying.

Data sheet
MarkUmbrosa - spectra

Spectra Multi

Document technical and set of dimensions for Umbrosa Spectra Duo and Multi in English.

Download (400.68k)

Premium and L.E umbrosa

Technical document in English containing all the technical specifications of Premium and Limited edition of the Umbrosa brand fabrics.

Download (476.83k)
Color Pallet
premium mint

premium mandarine

premium sunflower
Wind test video 31 Mph


Umbrosa observes in all circumstances the warranty obligations of Belgian and European manufacturers in accordance with the legislation.
All warranty claims must be made through the merchant or the website where the product was purchased .
Umbrosa strives to develop and produce high quality sustainable products . Products that are perfectly suited to the weather conditions and the environment in which they are used
All Umbrosa products are thoroughly tested to ensure their quality. To do this, tests are carried out in the wind tunnels of the University of Delft (PB). The components are tested in independent research laboratories.
In case of damage, Umbrosa products can be repaired.

The biggest threat to the life of a Umbrosa parasol is the climatic conditions and environmental factors < Outside. Use a Umbrosa product as a good parent. Damage caused by extreme weather conditions such as wind, snow, hail, storm, etc. Are not covered by the warranty.
Wind tunnel tests have shown that Umbrosa products can withstand wind speeds exceeding 50 km / h (6
Beaufort) and even up to 70 km / h (8 Beaufort) for the Spectra and Ingenua collections. Since the wind does not have a constant speed and wind gusts are Often faster than we think, we advise to always close the sunshade with the cover or the strap in case of wind speeds greater than 40 km / h (5 Beaufort) .
The use of movable or articulated feet has an impact on the strength of the parasol facing the wind. Always go for the heaviest foot possible if you bet on safety. Always contact the dealer or Umbrosa if you need advice regarding the method of stowage to be used. You can find a lot of information on this at www.umbrosa.com. Direct and indirect damage caused by the fall of the sunshade are not covered by the warranty.
Tests carried out at independent laboratories have shown that the corrosion resistance of Umbrosa products is
superior to normal. In case of intensive use of the products in an aggressive environment (sea, sand, chlorine, etc.), we recommend regularly washing the umbrella frame and canvas regularly with fresh water, Accumulation of salt residues

To use the guarantee, always present the original purchase invoice. Umbrosa also uses serial numbers. This number must always be mentioned for any warranty claim. A complaint form is available at www.umbrosa.com. It contains clear indications of the information necessary for the warranty to be settled quickly and without any inconvenience. The use of this form accelerates the request. Warranty claims must always be submitted in writing within a reasonable time after the first finding of the problem.
Umbrosa guarantees that the problem will be solved, whether means a replacement, Repair or solution on
measurement. The warranty is always extended by the "non-use" period. The warranty does not resume if replaced by a new product. Umbrosa is not responsible for the transport and carrying out of the repair.
The Umbrosa guarantee applies only if the product has been installed in accordance with the Umbrosa installation manual. The use of accessories not approved by Umbrosa will void the warranty.


15 years warranty
Umbrosa offers a 15-year warranty on all extruded aluminum profiles as used in Icarus, Eclipsum, Spectra, /> The Ingenua and the Nauta. This warranty covers only damage caused by a construction or manufacturing error. Scratches, surface corrosion and wear resulting from use are not covered by this warranty unless the product is structurally weakened.
5 years warranty Strong>
Umbrosa offers a 5 year warranty on all fiberglass slats as used in Spectra, Icarus, Legno and all welded tubes as used in Paraflex, Infina and Basic. Umbrosa offers a 5-year warranty on all stainless steel. Scratches, surface corrosion and wear resulting from use are not covered by this warranty, unless the product is structurally weakened.
3 years warranty Strong>
Umbrosa offers a 3 year warranty on all plastic parts and all galvanized steel parts. Scratches and wear resulting from use are not covered by this warranty unless the product is structurally weakened.
2 years warranty > Umbrosa offers two years warranty on granite feet, concrete slab feet and concrete feet. Scratches, surface corrosion and wear resulting from use are not covered by this warranty. Cracks in the concrete or granite base resulting from use in strong winds are not covered by this warranty. In the event of a crack, the new concrete part received may be of a slightly different color; It's inevitable. Umbrosa offers two years warranty on all lacquered parts. If the paint flakes or forms small bubbles, Umbrosa replaces the damaged part or offers a custom designed solution.

Umbrosa uses natural materials and products (wood, concrete, granite, etc.) which are subject to climatic conditions that make them age naturally. The natural aging process outside is not covered by the guarantee.
Umbrosa can not guarantee that no stain will appear on its products as a result of animal droppings and / or phenomena Of pollution.


Long-term studies, tests and experience demonstrated that the Limited Edition
Sunbrella acrylic fabric is Probably the best possible stuff for Umbrosa products. If the parasol is used intensively (every day during the year) or is used in an area with a very high level of sunshine and a high UV index, Umbrosa
Recommends using Limited Edition fabric.
5 years warranty
The Limited Edition fabric used in all collections, with the exception explicit Of the Ingenua collection, is guaranteed 5 years against
discoloration and structural integrity. In the exceptional case of discoloration, Umbrosa shall draw up a compensation proposal pro rata to the period of use of the product. It is also possible to choose to receive a new canvas whose cost of cutting and making is invoiced.
3 years warranty
The fabric Olefin Premium is a Good outer fabric that is ideal for less intensive use (= seasons). The daily protection of the parasol with the protective cover exponentially increases the service life of the parasol. For intensive or professional use in areas outside continental Europe, it is strongly advised not to use Premium fabric.
In these areas, the guarantee is also reduced to one year . Olefin fiber is sensitive to unnatural direct or indirect heat sources. Burning holes, melting holes and fabric deformation are therefore not covered by the warranty.
When used in continental Europe, Premium offers a 3 year warranty against discoloration and integrity Structural,
with the explicit exception of Ingenua fabrics. In the exceptional case of discoloration, Umbrosa shall draw up a compensation proposal pro rata to the period of use of the product. It is also possible to choose to receive a new canvas whose cost of cutting and making is invoiced. Under no circumstances will discolouration lead to the free reception of a new canvas.

Specific warranty clauses - Ingenua shade sheets Ingenua shade fabrics, very specific warranty conditions apply for this collection. For any other product, the intensity of use varies from one user to another.
Continental Europe, warranty on shade fabrics Ingenua in Limited Edition - Airtex - Sunvision is limited to three years
on discoloration and structural integrity. Studies have shown that in normal use, that is by storing
daily the shade fabric in the corresponding cover, the expected lifetime is 5 to 8 years. Outside continental Europe, the applicable warranty is 2 years.
Premium warranty conditions for Ingenua
In continental Europe, warranty on canvas Of shade Ingenua is limited to one year on discoloration and structural integrity.
Studies have shown that in normal use, that is by storing daily the shade In the corresponding cover
, the expected service life is 3 to 5 years. Outside Continental Europe, no warranty applies.

The zippers. In case of bad use of the zipper,
the risk of breakage increases exponentially. So always look carefully the instructions of use if the product
chosen has a zip. When the zipper is stuck, the problem can be solved quickly with a spray of silicone or other lubricant (no oil!).

If a zipper breaks within six months to From the purchase, the canvas can be returned to Umbrosa for repair.

If a zipper breaks within two years from purchase, Umbrosa will send a free
zipper replacement. It is also possible to have the fabric repaired at Umbrosa for the cost of the repair (without the zipper).

Warranty management is carried out by our services:

  • email: service-client@leparadisdujardin.fr
  • on +

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