Sac de boxe pour enfant

Punching bag for children

Channel the energy of your children with this colorful punching bag, specially designed so that they can let off steam in complete safety.


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This children's punching bag consists of a red, green or yellow textile, covered with a plastic making it waterproof and guaranteeing its resistance to wear from blows. The suspension ring and the adjustment figure are made of galvanized steel. The overmoldings on the strings are made of black PP. The supplied rope, made of polypropylene, is a soft material, allowing the bag to easily slide around. The nylon reinforced straps will allow the punching bag to be easily attached to the rope and ensure a solid fixation. This KBT brand punching bag will be delivered to you empty and flat. Once received, it will be necessary to fill it with wood chips during its installation.

All prKBT brand products are tested and approved in accordance with the most recent European directives and regulations.
This bagbox will allow your children to release their energy in complete safety.

Technical characteristics of this children's punching bag:

Dimensions: Ø 220 x 800 mm
Rope type: PP10
Beam height: Between 2.05 and 2.40 m
Colors: Red, green or yellow

You can incorporate sand or wood chips into it

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