Panier de ballon octopus sur pilier

Octopus balloon basket on pillar

Hours of sport and fun await your children with this octopus balloon basket on KBT pillar, available in several colors, to install in your garden.


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Thisballoon basket, red, green or yellow, reminiscent of aoctopusis a unique design. It has four outlets with a dimension of 26.5 cm in diameter. Each exit displays octopus eyes, ranging from 1 to 4, corresponding to the score obtained. The basket is made of rotomolded HDPE and has a hot-dip galvanized post 9 cm in diameter and 3 meters in length. The total height of the basket assembled with the pillar is 3m585 .

Very easy to assemble and install, it will allow your children to enjoy the outdoors in a fun way.

All KBT brand products are tested and approved in accordance with the most recent European directives and regulations.

Technical characteristics of the KBT brand balloon basket:

Basket material: Rotomolded HDPE basket
Pillar material: Hot-dip galvanized post - Ø 9 cm and 3m in length
Basket height with pillar: 3m585
Number of exits: Four exits with score, 26.5 cm in diameter
Colors: Red, green or yellow

Our advice:

Be sure to fix the pillar firmly in the concrete during installation to ensure stability.

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