Trithrinax Campestris

Trithrinax Campestris

Remarkable palm, closer in appearance to yuccas than other members of his family; extremely decorative!

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Trithrinax Campestris, trident palm bundled sale

Grouped sale "end of March 28, 2020"Before any question read the tab above CONDITION SALE GROUPED!

Description of Trithrinax Campestris, trident palm

  • Family: Arecaceae
  • Type: shrub
  • Origin: Argentina
  • Foliage color: gray
  • Color: yellow flowers
  • Plantation: spring (North Seine Region)
  • Flowering: June
  • Height: up to 6 m

Name: Trithrinax Campestris, Trident Palm.

Remarkable palm, closer in appearance to yuccas than other members of his family. The leaves are palmate and extremely leathery, thick, and covered with silvery scales. Each leaflet ended with a sharp and rigid spine, extremely dissuasive fapay close attention to the passages and the eyes. Thestipe (trunk) is thick and can reach several meters high. The species is bunching and forms with time impressive bouquets.

Soil and exposure of Palm Trithrinax Campestris

Palm treeit should be planted preferably on the south side in a good quality soil with good drainage and preferably on a bute (wet and cold regions) for a good growth, it will be necessary to water it regularly

Highlight of Trithrinax Campestris, trident palm

  • High resistance to cold down to -12 ° C
  • Very aesthetic
  • gray palms
  • resistance to cold in a dry climate.

Resistance temperature of Trithrinax Campestris

-12 ° C

Condition:The resistance temperature is suitable for a Palm tree planted in the ground for at least 3 years. It is advisable to always mulch on the ground in the cold regions.

What are the advantages of this bundled sale of palm trees?

This is the 8th year that we organize this sale, we know well the nursery that provides us.

A Palm grows when the soil temperature reaches 15 ° C; by receiving them mid-April, this is the ideal period for pto earth and especially that it settles at best to prepare the winter "especially in the cold regions".

If you wish, you can download the phytosanitary of the group sale of 2017 concerning the nursery in the Rubric "Download" above.

The plants are dug up around 2 months before sale, in decorations pots pretty ceintrés, the rooting is average, however the rate of recovery is more than 90% which is quite in the standards, this rate of recovery is measured at home in Alsace '' cold region, for more than 6 years.

The plants from this sale have not grown in greenhouses, the benefits are more numerous:

  • The palms are thicker than a frank green, those from intensive greenhouse cultivation, are slender and pale green.
  • The stipe is very thick unlike the "Trachycarpus" from Italy.

Video wintering of Palm trees in Alsace

We have made a video of wintering Palm trees in Alsace do not hesitate to click above on the "VIDEO WINTERING" tab

particuthe importance of palm trees Trithrinax Campestris:

  • Provenance: Spain canton of Valencia.
  • Quality of the Palms: dark green and firm
  • Stipe 'trunk': Well-formed fleshy
  • quality of rooting: medium
  • Percentage of recovery 90%
  • 98% of satisfied customers
  • the total height is pot included.
  • Pot 10 lts total height 40 / 60cm.
  • Pot 15 lts total height 60 / 80cm.
  • Pot 25 lts total height 80 / 100cm.

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