Nannorrhops Ritchieana ou palmier afghan palmier rustique

Nannorrhops Ritchieana (iran silver)

Nannorrohps Ritchieana Iran Silver is a typical dryland species. It is a xerophyte palm, hardy, leathery, low and cystic. Some subjects would have borne gels of -15 ° C. Pot 25 liters total height 150-180 cm


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Nannorrhops Ritchieana, Afghan palm, group sale

Grouped sale "end of March 28, 2020"Before any question read the tab above CONDITION SALE GROUPED!

Description of Nannorrhops Ritchieana, Mazari Palm

  • Family: Arecaceae, Palmaceae
  • Type: tree
  • Origin: Iran
  • Foliage Color: Gray / Blue
  • Color: yellow flowers
  • Plantation: spring (North Seine Region)
  • Flowering: June
  • Height: up to 5m

Name: Ritchiana Nannorrhops, Mazari Palm, Afghan Palm, Chamaerops ritchieana, Mazari palm, Palm of Iran

Superb palm with massive stipe, up to 5 meters; it is most of the time leaning, even creeping, and sometimes multiple, crowned with superb palms. The base of the petioles is covered with an orange wool.

Nannorrhops Ritchieana is a species typical of arid zones, it is a xerophyte palm, rustic hardy, low and creepy. Its leaves are webbed, thick, leathery, slightly gray because of the presence of a thin layer of wax on their surface, which limits the evapotranspiration and reflects some of the sun's rays.

Theflowering mode of this palm tree is unique in the family: before the apparitionInflorescence The trunk divides into two, one of the two branches continues normal development while the other, after emitting some leaves, produces a large terminal inflorescence. The species is monoecious, and a single inflorescence is therefore capable of producing seeds. Very slow growth. Nannorrhops Ritchieana produces almost black fruits up to 1 cm in diameter. Fibers cover the trunk and are used to make brooms.

Soil and exposure of the Palm Nannorrhops Ritchieana, Palm Mazari

The species is perfectly adapted to the dry Mediterranean and tropical areas, but also acclimates to the humid tropical zones. Its growth is slow, do not hesitate to water it regularly, plant it in a soil rich in humus and well drained and on a light abutment, protect the stipe with geotextile in the regions with humid winter especially the first years. In the cold regions of the Middle East (Afghanistan and Pakistan) the palm grows on poor, stony soils and the surrounding vegetation is very small however in these conditions it will grow slowly.

Strong point of Nannorrhops Ritchiana (iran silver)

  • Resistant up to -15 ° C
  • green / bluish palms
  • Orange inflorescence
  • Young shoots and edible fruits

Resistance temperature of Nannorrhops Ritchieana, Mazari Palm

-15 ° C

Condition:The resistance temperature is suitable for a Palm tree planted in the ground for at least 3 years. It is advisable to always mulch on the ground in the cold regions.

What are the advantages of this bundled sale of palm trees?/ H2>

This is the 7th year that we organize this sale, we know the nursery that provides us.

A Palm grows when the soil temperature reaches 15 ° C; by receiving them mid-April, it is the ideal period to plant it in the ground and especially that it settles at best to prepare the winter "especially in the cold regions".

If you wish, you can download the phytosanitary of the group sale of 2017 concerning the nursery in the Rubric "Download" above.

The plants are dug up around 2 months before the sale, in decorative pots assez ceintrés, the rooting is average, however the recovery rate is more than 90% which is quite in the standards, this rate of recovery is measured at home in Alsace '' cold region, since more than 6 years.

The plants from this sale have not grown in greenhouses, the benefits are more numerous:

  • The palms are thicker than a frank green, those from intensive greenhouse cultivation, are slender and pale green.
  • The stipe is very thick unlike the "Trachycarpus" from Italy./ Li>

Video wintering of Palm trees in Alsace

We have made a video of wintering Palm trees in Alsace do not hesitate to click above on the "VIDEO WINTERING" tab

Particularity of palm trees Nannorrhops Ritchieana (iran silver):

  • Provenance: Spain canton of Valencia.
  • Quality of the Palms: dark green and firm
  • Stipe 'trunk': Well-formed fleshy
  • quality of rooting: medium
  • Percentage of recovery 90%
  • 98% of satisfied customers
  • the total height is pot included.
  • Pot 25lts height 150 / 180cm pot />

Phytosanitary Spain 2017

Phytosanitary Corresponding to the Spanish nurseryman, with which the Planteparadise Company provides itself with Palm and exotic Plants, including for the palm trees resulting from the group sale.

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