Brahea Armata palmier bleu tronc 30-40cm par leparadisdujardin

Brahea Armata blue palm

The Brahea Armata is very ornamental, it is an extremely rare and remarkable palm with its bluish gray foliage and its spectacular flowering. New several size of stipe.


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Brahea Armata, Erythea blue

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Description of Brahea Armata, Blue Erythea

  • Family: Arecaceae
  • Type: tree
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Color Foliage: Blue
  • Color: yellow flowers
  • Plantation: spring (North Seine Region)
  • Flowering: June
  • Height: up to 12 m

Name: Brahea Armata, blue erythea

This palm is immediately recognizable by two main morphological characters: the color of the leaves, bluish gray, and the size of the inflorescences, particularly spectacular. The palms are large and thick, coriaceous, almost costapalmated. They are covered with a thin layer of whitish wax that gives them a gray color and protects them from too intense sunlight. Despite its very slow growth, this plant will not discourage the amateurs because even in the juvenile state, the unusual color of the palms makes it an extremely decorative plant.

Soil and exposure of the Palm Brahea Armata

Brahea Armata, it likes dry climate, very sunny and preferably on calcareous soil, if you decide on the plantIn the north of France, be sure to plant it on a well-drained bute (Tip: to make the limestone soil, make a contribution of agricultural lime).

Strong point of Brahea Armata, Erythea blue

  • High resistance to cold down to -8°C
  • the color of the foliage
  • the shape of the foliage
  • The color of inflorescenses (yellow / orange)

Brahea Armata resistance temperature


Condition:The resistance temperature is suitable for a Palm tree planted in the ground for at least 3 years. It is advisable to always mulch on the ground in the cold regions.

Video wintering of Palm trees in Alsace

We have made a video of wintering Palm trees in Alsace do not hesitate to click above on the "VIDEO WINTERING"

Particularity of Brahea Armsata:

  • Provenance: Spain canton of Valencia.
  • Quality of the Palms: dark green and firm
  • Stipe 'trunk': Well-formed fleshy
  • quality of rooting: medium
  • Percentage of recovery 90%
  • 98% of satisfied customers
  • the total height is pot included.
  • Pot 25 lts trunk 15/20cm total height 125/150cm.
  • Pot 25 lts trunk 20/30cm total height 140/160cm.
  • Pot 25 lts trunk 30 / 40cm total height 160 / 180cm.

Phytosanitary Spain 2017

Phytosanitary Corresponding to the Spanish nurseryman, with which the Planteparadise Company provides itself with Palm and exotic Plants, including for the palm trees resulting from the group sale.

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