Yucca Rostrata mexican yucca trunk 15-20cm by leparadisdujardin

Yucca Rostrata

Spectacular, very slow growing, this beautiful tree has a hairy stipe is crowned with blue leaves, narrow and flexible. Tested in Alsace with Success, withstands the wet winter.

Pot of 25 Liters trunk 15-20cm total height 100-110cm with pot.

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Yucca Rostrata, yucca from mexico

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The genus Yucca includes about 40 species from the USA, Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba. Rostrata is one of those species, native to Mexico. This erect tree, with slow growth, reaches a height of 5 m and a width of 3 m. Hairy Stipe crowned with soft, narrow leaves, 40 to 60 cm, bluish green. Flowering in May. White flowers, in ears of 30 to 70 cm. Rustic up to -17 ° C. To plant in normal, dry, well-drained soil. Sun exposure, hot and sheltered from cold winds. THE + PRODUCTS Tree with medium development and very slow growth. Rare plant with a lot of charm. This plant is hardy up to -20 ° C. However, protect against frost in cold regions. Plant this tree with very slow growth, with certain charm, with its soft foliage, bluish green in the ground or in tank. Rustic up to -17 ° C. To protect however frost in cold regions


  • Genre: Yucca
  • Species: rostrata
  • Common name: Yucca rostrata
  • Family-1:Lily
  • Lifestyle: Perennial
  • Origin of the species: Mexico


  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Type of soil: Normal, Dry
  • Cold resistances: Yes
  • Cold resistance comments: -15 to -20 ° C
  • Average size at maturity (cm): H 500 W 300 cm
  • Port of the plant:Erected
  • Weight of the packaged product (Kg): NC


  • Flowering period: From May to June
  • Comments on flowering period: Flowering late spring
  • Flower shape:In spikes
  • Scented flowering: No


  • Foliage type: Persistent
  • Decorative foliage: Yes
  • Foliage comments: Bluish green foliage. Soft leaves.


  • Planting period: From April to June
  • Comments on planting period: Plant in the spring
  • Recommended contribution to planting: Planting soil in the garden; Organic amendment


  • Watering: Rich watering at the plantation. Plant resistant to drought
  • Nutrition: Complete fertilizer from the vegetation
  • resistedto diseases: Yes


  • Period of size: From July to August
  • Comments on size period: After flowering, cut the flower stalks.


  • Period of sale: From January to December
  • Commentary period of sale: The climatic hazards can shift flowering and therefore the availability of flowering plants, as well as periods of strong frosts.

Video wintering of Palm trees in Alsace

We have made a video of wintering Palm trees in Alsace do not hesitate to click above on the "VIDEO WINTERING"

Particularity of Yucca Rostrata, yucca of mexico:

  • Provenance: Spain canton of Valencia.
  • Quality of the Palms: dark green and firm
  • Stipe 'trunk': Well-formed fleshy
  • quality of rooting: medium
  • Percentage of recovery 90%
  • 98% of customers satisfiedts
  • the total height is pot included.
  • Pot 25 beds trunk 15-20cm total height 100-110cm.

Phytosanitary Spain 2017

Phytosanitary Corresponding to the Spanish nurseryman, with which the Planteparadise Company provides itself with Palm and exotic Plants, including for the palm trees resulting from the group sale.

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