Trachycarpus Fortunei stipe stocky

Trachycarpus Fortunei stipe stocky

Named China Palm, trachycarpus fortunei, hemp and same chamaerops excelsa Palm, is the most common Palm in europe, indeed it yours in Earth up to-18 ° C, originating in China the stipes are stocky.

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Collection or delivery scheduled from 10 to 21 April 2017
Availability date: 04/10/2018

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China Palm, Trachycarpus Fortunei Palm hemp sales grouped

Sales grouped 'end 31 March 2017'

General conditions of sale :

The bundled sale ends March 31, 2017/ span >

The plants will be sent.strong style = "color: #ffffff;" > du lundi 10 Avril au vendredi 21 Avril 2017.

The sales organization

On March 31, 2016 we will close the sale, Monday, April 3 we pass commande, reception of the goods on Monday, April 10, soon sending of plants on pallets for larger.

All Palm trees are not offered at this sale however you can contact us at any time to the or for more information. < br />
You take no risk, if the sale did not come true, we'll refund you very quickly. 

Delivery in france is possible but you must order at least 4 plants it is possible to mix on any variety of group sale < em>(those available in delivery france) upon request.

Shipping done by calberson e-mail more for plants of less than 2 metres, for the other shipment carried by carrier Volupal < SPyear >

Les terms and conditions "terms, group sales differ from a normal sale check out them here!

< br/>[[Cheaper than our competitors, encountered price example:]]

in the shade of the fig trees : pot 20 litres stipe ends 30 cm height 100cm price €145 off delivery < /.span >

Garden Issler: pot of 45 litres stipe of 80cm total height 220-240cm price € 245 off delivery < /.span >

Palm prestige: height pot 85cm stipe 25cm price on sale € 139 off delivery < /.span >

What are the benefits of this sale?

This is the 6th year we organise this sale, we are familiar with the nursery which provides us with.

A Palm tree grows when the soil temperature reaches 15 ° C; in receiving them mid-April, it is the ideal time to plant in the ground and above all that he settled at best to prepare the winter "especially in cold regions".

< p style = "make-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif; do-size: 14px; "text-indent: 10px;" > If you wish you can download the plant sales grouped 2012 about the nursery in the section < span style = "make-weight: bold;" >"Download" < /.span > presents above.

The plants are dug up about 2 months before the sale, in pots decoration enough Joyce, rooting is average, however the rate of recovery is more than 90% which is well within the standards, this rate of recovery is measured at home in Alsace "cold region, since more than 4 years.

< p style = "do-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif;" do-size: 14px; make-weight: bold; "text-indent: 10px;" >Plants from this sales have not grown in greenhouses, the benefits are more numerous:

  • The fins are thicker Frank green, those from culture in intensive greenhouse, are slender and thin green pale. < /li>
  • The stipe is thick in contrast to the "Trachycarpus from Italy.

Temperature of resistedNCE

-17 ° C.p >

Condition: Temperature resistance suitable for a Palm tree planted in the ground for at least 3 years. It should be always mulch the ground in cold regions.

Special :

  • Origin: Spain canton of Valencia.
  • Quality of the Palms: Green dark and closed < /.span >
  • Stipe 'trunk': fleshy well-trained
  • quality of rooting: way
  • Percentage of recovery 90%
  • 98% satisfied customers
  • the total height is included pot.
  • Pot 35 lts trunk 60 / 80cm total height 200 / 230cm.
  • Pot 45 ltstrunk 80 / 100cm total height 210 / 230cm.
  • 65 pot lts trunk 100 / 125cm total height 230 / 250cm.
  • 65 pot lts trunk 125 / 150cm total height 250 / 270cm.
  • Pot 110 lts trunk 150 / 180cm total height 270 / 290cm.
  • Pot 95 lts trunk 180 / 200cm total height 290 / 330cm.
  • Pot 95 trunk 200 lts / 250cm total height 400 / 450cm.
  • Pot 95 lts trunk 250 / 300cm total height 450 / 500cm.

Plant health Spain

Pest control corresponding to the Spanish ppiniriste, with which, the Planteparadise company provides Palm and exotic plants, including for sale group from Palm.

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