Brasero barbecue de forme cubique Magnus en acier de qualité allemande par remundi

Brazier barbecue carré Cube

Timeless design and generous curves .Nero is available in 5 formats, the seal of recovery of ashes is hidden behind the trap door!


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Brasero NERO By REMUNDI it is:

  1. A 1st grade steel body
  2. Stainless steel heating zone
  3. Base plate, stainless steel cooktop
  4. Stainless steel grill
  5. Ventilation, ash collector and trap doors

The Universe REMUNDI

For the realization of our braziers, we use first choice steels.

The manufacture is artisanal, it requires a long experience. The natural corrosion process, makes the transition to production is long, the manufacturing process lasts 4 weeks.

Our braziers do not require any maintenance. The heating zone, between 100 and 350 °, gives the user a pleasure at any moment.
The shape and the geometry of our braziers, allow different zones of heating, so, according to the needs, you will choose the one which is suitable for the foodstuffs.
Our braseros work with wood and charcoal.

Dimension taille humaine des barbecues remundi nero S,m et l
Dimension taille humaine des barbecues remundi nero S,m et l

Timeless design

Robust and unique Design! Remundi combines all the advantages. Our products create a campfire atmosphere, a friendliness, conducive to evenings with friends. Technically, our braziers are childishly simple to use.
The ash is removed through a seal accessible through the inspection hatch.
Thedraw is manually set.

Many accessories complete our range!

Remundi is also protective covers, cooking batteries, cutlery, shelves, storage,
necessary ignition ...... and much more!

Fiche technique
ParticularityDouble wall body
RangeIndividual Professional
Stainless steel thickness6mm
Features Magnus SteelCooking 72x72 cm - Grid Ø 29 cm - Height 87 cm - Weight 78 Kgs
Characteristics Magnus InoxCooking 72x72 cm - Grid Ø 29 cm - Height 87 cm - Weight 68 Kgs
Product Guarantee2 years
Video presentation

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