Pergola freestanding wood complete

Pergola freestanding wood complete

Pergola timber awning complete with blind Nesling. to choose the model, refer to the description below, section "learn more".Delivery included in the price.

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Pergola Nesling Self-supporting Wood Stand Alone

The Pergola Nesling "Stand Alone" is a self-supporting pergola. The corner fittings are supplied. This pergola is available in 2 models and 8 different sizes. We deliver the whole of the pergola ready to be assembled; The wood has the following characteristics:

  • Structure in DOUGLAS naturally rot-proof.
  • The Douglas is a relatively dense and hard species.
  • The Douglas is an easy-to-work wood.
  • Class 3 durability
  • The Douglas with a modern and natural character

Because the Douglas is a natural product it also has the following characteristics:

  • The Douglas can have knots, rough edges, Wood may show some curvature, all of these natural defects will not affect the quality of the wood.
  • On receipt the wood can be painted because it has undergone drying Less than 20%.
  • 5 year warranty against mold and rot.
  • Post section: 8.5 or 11 cm depending on the pergola. (See table opposite).
  • Delivery included in the Price
  • Within 5 days of placing your order you will receive a Delivery by e-mail.
  • The delivery of the pergola will be within 5 to 10 working days.
  • You can be informed of the delivery schedule by sending us Mail 1 working day before the delivery date.

Nesling pergolas with a width of 370 cm are delivered with columns of sections 11 cm. In other dimensions, the post sections are 8.5 cm. The pergolas delivered with a blind 500 cm long have an additional post in the center (model B). In this case the horizontal beams consist of two sections of 2.5 meters and are connected by the elements of the pergola extension kit provided.

Vertical posts are supplied with a length of 300 cm in order to be able to seal a part in the ground, but we supply with posts, in case of fixings on existing slabs.

Wood Kit is provided by our partner Houtbrein B.V

Package Composition:

  • Vertical post length 3 meters to be sealed or cut and placed on the concrete slab. (In Douglas).
  • Traverse and stanchion (in Douglas).
  • Horizontal column connection (model B), black (see picture).
  • Black corner brackets (see picture).
  • Store boat pergola Nesling Coolfit Harmonica (color: sand, cream or anthracite), see section (color / texture) above

What is not included in the package:

  • - Plate N300-4 to fix the posts to the ground "see our accessories"
  • - Protective cover for the horizontal pergola blind "see our accessories"
  • - Bitumen Wood Protection (if buried structure) "see our accessories"

* Possibility to add vertical blinds For Nesling brand pergola , see our accessories.

Model A

Pergola Model A, with store bateau pergola harmonica of long 300, 370 et 400 cm.

Le store bateau s'ouvre dans le sens de la longueur ( L ).

pergola bois avec vélum en polyéthylène tressé
Name of ModelSize of
Store vélum harmonica
(largeur x Longueur) en cm
Size interior Pergola
(largeur x Longueur) en cm
Size exterior Pergola
(largeur x Longueur) en cm
Size Pole
ASA228-318200(B) x 300(L)210(B) x 300(L)228(B) x 318(L)8,5x8,5 cm
ASA228-418200(B) x 400(L)210(B) x 400(L)228(B) x 418(L)8,5x8,5 cm
ASA318-318290(B) x 300(L)300(B) x 300(L)318(B) x 318(L)8,5x8,5 cm
ASA318-418290(B) x 400(L)300(B) x 400(L)318(B) x 418(L)8,5x8,5 cm
ASA404-404370(B) x 370(L)380(B) x 380(L)404(B) x 404(L)11x11 cm

Model B

Pergola model B, witlh store bateau pergola harmonica of long 500 cm.

Le store vélum pergola s'ouvre dans le sens de la longueur ( L ).

pergola bois grande longueur avec store bateau intégré de bonne qualité
Name of ModelSize of
Store vélum harmonica
(largeur x Longueur) en cm
Size interior Pergola
(largeur x Longueur) en cm
Size exterior Pergola
(largeur x Longueur) en cm
Size Pole
BSA228-518200(B) x 500(L)210(B) x 500(L)228(B) x 518(L)8,5x8,5 cm
BSA318-518290(B) x 500(L)300(B) x 500(L)318(B) x 518(L)8,5x8,5 cm
BSA404-524370(B) x 500(L)380(B) x 500(L)404(B) x 524(L)11x11 cm
Colour and texture

logo nesling


Colour Available:  tissu ajouré ( voile, store bateau et store horizontal ).
couleur beige/creme nesling
couleur sable du désert nesling
couleur anthracite nesling
couleur noir nesling
couleur terracotta nesling
couleur lemon lime - vert citron nesling


Colours Available:  tissu imperméable ( uniquement pour certaines voiles d'ombrages Nesling )
tissu imperméable 220gr plus teflon nesling
tissus imperméable 220gr plus teflon nesling


Texture tissu Ajouré (hdpe) et Imperméable (polyester).
voile hdpe nesling voile d'ombrage
aspect technique tissus imperméable nesling


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