Store Pergola bateau complet Nesling IMPERMÉABLE coloris Gris

Complete Pergola Store HDPE

Awning for horizontal boat pergola Nesling Prosail Waterproof

After years of manufacturing and success of the complete hdpe boat awning, Nesling is launching with this gray waterproof fabric awning, only one dimension available, for now


799,00 €TTC

Delivery time 6 working days.

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2 ° Store Waterproof Harmonica Boat Prosail

  • High quality acrylic fabric
  • Available in a single dimension of 297 x 297 cm
  • Selling price 799 € ttc .
  • Designed for the aluminum pergola of the Nesling range, Available here!
store detail waterproof boat Nesling 2020, designed for the aluminum pergola of the brand
Fiche technique
Weight (kg)5-10
Content of the packagesailing boat + complete kit of mounting accessories
Product Warranty5 years
Colour and texture

logo nesling


Colour Available:  tissu ajouré ( voile, store bateau et store horizontal ).
couleur beige/creme nesling
couleur sable du désert nesling
couleur anthracite nesling
couleur noir nesling
couleur terracotta nesling
couleur lemon lime - vert citron nesling


Colours Available:  tissu imperméable ( uniquement pour certaines voiles d'ombrages Nesling )
tissu imperméable 220gr plus teflon nesling
tissus imperméable 220gr plus teflon nesling


Texture tissu Ajouré (hdpe) et Imperméable (polyester).
voile hdpe nesling voile d'ombrage
aspect technique tissus imperméable nesling

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