Paraflo Parafol Paraflex WallFlex by umbrosa the most versatile and solid umbrella on the market

Paraflex WallFlex

Discover an unavoidable sunshade because of its manageability of its adaptation to any situation this parasol paraflex Created more than 10 years ago is a safe bet.

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  • No support arm (Parasol only)
  • Classic Bearing Arm (1,85m)
  • Evolution Bearing Arm (2m)
  • Square - L 190 x W 190 cm
  • Square - L 230 x W 230 cm
  • Hexagon - Ø 270 cm
  • Hexagon - Ø 300 cm
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Parasol déporté wallflex classic ou evolution umbrosa

titre paraflex

Paraflo deported Paraflex Wallflex Umbrosa


Nothing surpasses the versatility of the human body. For the Paraflex range, we were inspired by the flexibility and strength of the human arm.
A compact solution - without stand and without support - that allows you to shade the area of ​​your choice.
With one, two or more umbrellas, depending on your needs.
Paraflex, lightweight and compact, offers maximum shading and is particularly resistant to wind.

different position of the parasol paraflex umbrosa


  • Flexible arm: the shadow where you want it.
  • No foot + no support => space saving.
  • Configuration according to your needs.
  • Light, compact and solid.
good to know about paraflex

Thanks to the removable arm you can shade areas according to your needs.

bon à savoir sur le paraflex parasol déporté umbrosa

Paraflex can lie down by pressing the button. Here you have a perfect shadow if there is a low evening sun.

parasol déporté paraflex ultra polyvalent et léger.

The high quality frame is made of anodized aluminum with synthetic parts, which are made of polyamide highly resistant to UV rays. All important parts are available as spare parts.


The Paraflex collection consists of two types of arms, the 1.85m classic arm and the 2m evolution arm, which has a design with purity of lines and easier to handle.
There are 5 types of Paraflex parasols, 2 square parasols (1.9 - 2.3 m) and 3 round parasols (2.2 - 2.7 - 3 m).
Larger parasols (2.3 m square and 3 m round) can only be used with an Evolution arm.
An appropriate protective cover for all models is availablee.


bras classic parasol déporté paraflex wallflex umbrosa.
The classic Bras is from the year 2017 sold in a single size of 1.85m, it is the arm of the brand that is proven, for more details on this arm Téléchargez la documentation en cliquant sur le lien Click here and you will download the paraflex classic data sheet.
bras classic parasol déporté paraflex wallflex umbrosa.
The Evolution Arm was born in 2016, it has been greatly improved, it measures 2.0mthe drawing of the arm is more harmonious,
we advise you to choose this arm because of its technical evolution./ Blockquote>Téléchargez la documentation en cliquant sur le lien Pto know allthe technical characteristics download the manual by clicking on this link .

version et taille des parasols compatible bras classic et evolution.

Dimensons hors tout des parasols déportés paraflex wallflex umbrosa.


Paraflex technical info

Technical data sheet of the parasol paraflex classic, with the dimensions, packing all you need to know about the parasol paraflex par umbrosa

Download (5.24M)

Paraflex: wall anchor

Technical and explanatory notice in image of the mounting of wall anchors for monoflex, duoflex or ingenua

Download (303.98k)

Paraflex: installation manual

Explanatory image of the paraflex parasol (tightening, adjustment, etc ...) mounting on the mat or wall mounting.

Download (349.25k)

Paraflex Technical Evolution

Technical information on the parasol paraflex evolution dimension arm, parasol compatible

Download (2.89M)

Paraflex Evo Manual

Complete manual for mounting a complete wallflex evolution paraflex sunshade with images

Download (18.4M)

Umbrosa Feature Fabric

Feature of each range of umbrosa fabric, strength, guarantee, uv, etc.

Download (4.54M)

Umbrosa Warranty

Guarantee covering the Umbrosa range

Download (37.9k)

Umbrosa Paraflex Manual

Installation manual for paraflex blinds for floor or wall mounting (wallflex)

Download (4.79M)
Color Pallet
premium mint

premium mandarine

premium sunflower

Utilisation du paraflex Classic

Video d'utilisation paraflex evolution

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