Parasol Umbrosa Rond moderne Eclipsum umbrella Canvas aluminium de qualité

Parasol deported Rond Eclipsum

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The conceptEclipsum is ultra modern and innovative. Acquiring Eclipsum means acquiring a unique offset parasol.


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New!rotation of the ring 360 °


umbrosa eclipse


Aesthetic jewel and parasol all in one. Since the early stages of development, shading was not the only goal pursued. The eclipsum is a design object with all the advantages of a functional umbrella. Sunscreen tense at the center of a large graceful ring creates a seductive artistic show and a beneficent shade.


  • Design and decorative object./ Li>
  • Original cosmic form.
  • Outstanding creation./ Li>


  • The eclipsum is positioned in height by raising the brake, the eclipsum rises with the help of an integrated piston (FIG 1).
  • The canvas is supported by a fiberglass ring, is removed and folded like the Quechua tents (FIG 3) and is provided with a protective cover (included) (FIG 2)./ Li>
  • The eclipsum rotates 360 ° thanks to the Teflon turntable (FIG 4).
umbrosa eclipse
umbrosa eclipse
umbrosa eclipse
umbrosa eclipse


Canvas available in 2 finishes:

  • Solidum color chart of acrylic type: density of 250gr / m2, protection 8 UV 80, water repellent, water repellent, manufacturedin France, 5 years warranty. Available in4 colors to choose./ Strong>
  • SwatchesSunbrella Acrylic type : density 260gr / m2, UPF50 + protection, water repellent, made in France, 5 years warranty. available in 10 colors to choose./ Strong>

Quality : Anti-UV, anti-water repellent. 240cm pillar - anodized aluminum - aluminum ring - fiberglass inner ring.
Interview: machine washable at 40 ° C maximum. No dry cleaning. Do not use detergent. No ironing. No drum drying. Download the washing instruction by clicking here.


  • Protective cover included!
  • The 360 ​​° rotation support for a floor fixing is included (to fix on floor / concrete or to use as an option a flat base or concrete anchor).

Fiche technique
MarkUmbrosa - Rimbou
Canvas qualityAnti-uv, Anti-water repellent
Anti-UV quality6, 7-8 Max
MovementAdjustable Height, 360 ° Rotation
ModelLuxury Deported
Height (cm)235 cm
RangeGarden and terrace
Canvas ShapeOther Shapes
Mat finishAluminum - Fiberglass
Canvas finishingAcrylic
Density of the fabric Gr / m²250/260 gr / m²

Eclipsum Technical Document

Technical document written in English to know everything about umbrella umbrella eclipsum such as weight, number of packages, dimensions, etc ...

Télécharger (4.85M)

Assembly manual Eclipsum

Umbrosa Eclipsum Umbrella Installation Manual, written in several languages (EN, NL, FR, DE, IT, SP)

Télécharger (3.17M)

Umbrosa Feature Fabric

Feature of each range of umbrosa fabric, strength, guarantee, uv, etc.

Télécharger (4.54M)

Umbrosa Warranty

Guarantee covering the Umbrosa range

Télécharger (37.9k)


 couleur natural Solidum 250gr/m² range
Canvas couleurs Solidum range 250gr/m²
Gray couleur Solidum range 250gr/m²
Taupe couleur Solidum 250gr/m² range
Solidum 250gr/m² Range couleurs


Marble couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Curacao couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Mint couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Blush couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Pepper couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Lichen couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Adriatic couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
couleur blue storm Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Flannel couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
couleur black Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Linen couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range

UX Collection

Colors ral 9018 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 9005 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 3007 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 6007 Range Ux Collection
RAL SIFO Colors Ux Collection Range


UV rays impact all fabrics and materials found outdoors. On the one hand we are talking about a "discouleuration" of the fabrics and on the other side of a "sagging". Both impacts can influence the lifespan of the products. In addition UV rays also harm people. UV rays cause sunburn, skin aging and cancer in all of these collections, which have color consistency and provide the necessary protection. All this in order to guarantee you pleasure for years in a graceful way.

Video of Use

Video Test by TUDelft company of Wind resistance 31 Mph

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