Spectra Duo double Parasol Umbrosa

Spectra Multi Parasol Umbrosa

Spectra Multi, is a very complete, oriented umbrella for professionals it is also important to concerned individuals of the quality < /p>

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croquis vue du dessus umbrosa spectra duo, parasol double

The Spectra Multi is like the rest of the range provided in Premium tissue but also in Limited Edition, new 2016! , the chassis are now available in colors black or white, serious logo Umbrosa. < /p >

  • Premium: Olefin with a density of 190 gr/m² fabric < /.strong >, protection UV 8, made in Spain the range is made up of 11 colours. < /li >
  • Limited Edition: With a density of 270 gr/m² Sunbrella fabric < /.strong >, UV protection, 7/8, manufactured in France by Dickson, the range consists of 8 colours...li >

Umbrosa Spectra duo is available in one size (sheet technie) downloadable < /.p >

  • the dimension of open umbrellas is 500 cm x 500 cm or 25 m² of surface shaded. < /li>

With its unique shape the spectra 300 offers an infinite range of positions. This sober umbrella combines the beauty of a flat concept the functionality of a system fan. Thanks to this system, the parasol folds horizontally. A unique contemporary concept.


  • technology in range.li >
  • solidwind-resistant and e...li >
  • modern minimalism
    How to choose the angle of the pillar
  • matter of taste.
  • issue of seat on the terrace.
  • forward = foot away from your table.
  • Each spectra folds against the mast and ranks with a protective cover (included).
umbrosa Spectra carré
umbrosa Spectra carré
umbrosa Spectra carré
  • the chassis are composed of two pillars 260cm high, anodized aluminum and fiberglass structure. < /li >
  • The installation is at 90 ° < /.li >
  • New: available now in black or white frame with logo mark engraved.
  • the protective cover is included! the dimensions of the sail may vary from +/-2%.
  • Important: If you install 2 spectra multi one next to the other there will be a distance of 20 cm between the two.
  • If you do not plan to fix the duo on a slab surface spectra,There will be a base or anchor of concreting. < /li >

Anti UV and anti water repellent, all the equipment designed by Umbrosa is of excellent quality.


In the washing machine at 40 ° C maximum, no cleaning to dry, do not use detergent, no ironing, no drum drying.

Data sheet
MarkUmbrosa - spectra

Spectra Multi

Document technical and set of dimensions for Umbrosa Spectra Duo and Multi in English.

Download (400.68k)

Tissue characteristic umbrosa

Feature of each range of fabric umbrosa, resistance, guarantee, uv, etc..

Download (4.54M)
Color Pallet
premium mint

premium mandarine

premium sunflower
Wind test video 31 Mph


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