Spectra Duo double Parasol Umbrosa top qualité

Spectra Duo Parasol Umbrosa

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Parasol duo , a double sail fixed on a double pole in anodized aluminum for a shaded cover surface of 12.5m², high quality material and adjustable at will.


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croquis vue du dessus umbrosa spectra duo, parasol double

The Spectra Duo is like the rest of the Range supplied in Premium Fabric but also in Limited Edition,novelty 2016! , the frames are now available in Black or White, engraved with the Umbrosa logo.

  • Premium: Olefine fabric with a density of 190gr / m² , UV protection 8, made in Spain the range is composed of 11 colors.
  • Limited Edition: Sunbrella fabric with a density of 270gr / m² , UV protection 7/8, made in Franceby Dickson, the range consists of 8 colors.

With its unique shape the spectra 300 offers an infinite range of positions. This simple parasol combines the beauty of a flat concept with the functionality of a fan system. Thanks to this system, the parasol folds horizontally. A unique contemporary concept.

  • fan technology
  • strong and wind resistant./ li>
  • modern minimalism
  • How to choose the inclination of the pillar
  • a matter of taste.
  • question of space on the terrace.
  • forward =foot away from your table.
  • Each spectra folds up against the mast and stores with a protective cover (included).
umbrosa Spectra carré
umbrosa Spectra carré
umbrosa Spectra carré

Umbrosa Spectra duo is available in one size (downloadable technical sheet)

  • the dimension of the open parasols is 250 cm x 500 cm or 12.5m² of shaded area.
  • the frame is composed of two 260cm high pillars, in anodized aluminum and fiberglass structure.
  • The installation is carried out at 90 °
  • New: frame now available in Black or White with engraved brand logo.
  • the protective cover is included! the dimensions of the sail can vary by +/- 2%.
  • Important: if you install 2 spectra duo next to each other, allow a distance of 20cm between the two.
  • If you do not plan to mount the spectra duo ona slab surface, a concrete base or anchor must be provided.
  • The Spectra range blinds have been tested in winds of 50 km / h by the company TUDelft.
  • The Spectra range comes with 1 silicone spray, 1 assembly instructions and a storage bag.
  • International delivery possible contact us for details.


Canvas available in 3 finishes:

  • Solidum Acrylic color chart: density of 250gr / m2, 8 UV 80 protection, water repellent, water repellent, made in France, 5 year warranty. Available in 4 colors to choose from.
  • Sunbrella acrylic color chart: density 260gr / m2, UPF50 + protection, water repellent, made in France, 5 year warranty. available in 10 colors to choose from.

Anti UV and anti water repellent, all the material designed by Umbrosa is of excellent quality.


Machine washable at 40 ° C maximum, no dry cleaning, Do not use detergent, No ironinge, No tumble drying.

Fiche technique
MarkUmbrosa - spectra
Anti-UV qualityUV resistance 7/8
Weight (kg)42 kg
Canvas warranty3 years against fading
RangeGarden -Terrace-Professional-Restaurant
Canvas ShapeSquare - Rectangular
Canvas finishingWater repellent
Canvas diameter (m)12.5 m²
Package contents4 packages + spray, instructions and storage bag
CertificationTested with gusts of 50 km / h by TUFelft
Product Guarantee2 years

Umbrosa Spectra Multi

Technical document and set of dimensions for Umbrosa Spectra Duo and Multi in English.

Télécharger (400.68k)

Umbrosa Feature Fabric

Feature of each range of umbrosa fabric, strength, guarantee, uv, etc.

Télécharger (4.54M)

Umbrosa Warranty

Guarantee covering the Umbrosa range

Télécharger (37.9k)


 couleur natural Solidum 250gr/m² range
Canvas couleurs Solidum range 250gr/m²
Gray couleur Solidum range 250gr/m²
Taupe couleur Solidum 250gr/m² range
Solidum 250gr/m² Range couleurs


Marble couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Curacao couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Mint couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Blush couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Pepper couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Lichen couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
Adriatic couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
couleur blue storm Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Flannel couleurs Sunbrella 260gr/m² range
couleur black Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
Linen couleur Sunbrella range 260gr/m²
couleur Sunbrella 260gr/m² range

UX Collection

Colors ral 9018 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 9005 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 3007 Range Ux Collection
Colors ral 6007 Range Ux Collection
RAL SIFO Colors Ux Collection Range


UV rays impact all fabrics and materials found outdoors. On the one hand we are talking about a "discouleuration" of the fabrics and on the other side of a "sagging". Both impacts can influence the lifespan of the products. In addition UV rays also harm people. UV rays cause sunburn, skin aging and cancer in all of these collections, which have color consistency and provide the necessary protection. All this in order to guarantee you pleasure for years in a graceful way.

Wind Test 31 Mph

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