Olea Europaea, Olivier Europe

Olea Europaea, Olivier Europe

Symbol of the Mediterranean, the subjects come from our Belgian nursery. The pictures are very realistic.

< p>Resistance to cold-10 to-15 ° C


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Sold olive trees are container of 50L for a perimeter of trunk of 15-20 cm, total height is around the 220 cm high. < /strong >
Cost of an olive tree: €100 delivered by unit.

The olive tree in Europe, the symbol of the Mediterranean!

The olive tree has persistent, elongated, tough, is a pretty silver grey leaves. Small white flowers appear in spring, and give to the fall of the edible fruits, olives! But they come at the end of a decade. This elegant tree likes full sun and deep and well-drained, even Rocky soils.

< p>At planting, use a special breeding Mediterranean plant or a mixture consisting of 1/3 potting soil, garden soil 1/3 and 1/3 of balls of clay for drainage.

Use in sandbox or isolated...br / > It can withstand temperatures up to-15 ° C in the ground, but below-8 ° C, do not forget to use a veil of winter.


Plants are shipped by Calberson palletized. < /p >

possibility to deliver in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Holland, "contact us by email.

Data sheet
Season of interestSpring, t, fall, winter
RusticitSupports up - 15 C
Portrig and architectur
Soil pHNeutral, acidic, alkaline
Period of plantationDe Mars à Mai
Botanical nameOlea Europaea
Moisture of the soilNormal, dry
FruitForme ovale couleur: vert/noir
Foliage dcoratifVert / Bleuté
ExhibitionSun or part shade


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