Olea Europaea, Olivier Europe Pot 25 litres hauteur 140/160 pot inclus.

Olea Europaea, Olivier Europe half stem

Olivier d'europe, Olea Europaea

Tree with rounded habit and persistent foliage. White bloom in spring. Give fruits (olives) ranging from green to purple. Harvest from the end of November. Pot 25 liters height 140 / 160cm pot included.


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Description of olive tree of europe
Olea Europaea

Pot 25 liters height 140 / 160cm pot included.

Family: Olea

Species: Europaea.

Common Name: European olive, Olea Europaea

The genus Olea comprises about 20 species distributed throughout the globe. Olea europaea (Olivier) is the most famous species, native to the Mediterranean rim. Rounded tree, up to 10 m tall, if not trimmed. Slow growth. Persistent foliage. Leaves finely lanceolate gray-green on the upper surface and silver on the underside. White flowering, from April to June. Fruits (Olives) ovoid, ranging from green to purple. Harvest from late November until February, depending on whether you want to get green olives, violets or black and sip of oil. They are consumed chard, 2 to 3 weeks after harvest. Most varieties are self-fertile. The olive tree is a Mediterranean plant. It is no longer grown from the north of the Drôme. Beyond this limit, it can be planted for its decorative aspect in the ground in soil without stagnant humidity or in tray. To plant in normal soil, even poor and dry. Sun exposure.

Planting olea europaea.
  • It is best to plant from March to June and from late September to early December.
  • The olive tree can be content with poor soils ... but he appreciates the rich soils provided that they are well drained. The tree fears indeed wet soils. In the same way, if it tolerates drought, it will be more fruitful if it is irrigated during the fructification of the fruits. The olive tree accepts the pot life.
  • Automatic watering the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Straw on the ground to keep moisture (Mulch, bark, pebbles).
  • In areas with very mild climate, planting can be done in the fall. Elsewhere, plant in spring when frost has passed.
Strong point of the olive tree of Europe, olea europaea.
  • Tree symbol of longevity. Decorative by its port, its leaves and its fruits.
  • Decorative and persistent foliage./ Li>
  • Gray-green foliage on the upper face and silver on the underside.
  • Resists up to -15 ° C.
  • Olea europaea is resistant to diseases./ Li>
Fiche technique
Season of interestSpring Summer Autumn Winter
rusticitySupport up to - 15 ° C
Harborerected and architectured
Ph of soilNeutral, acidic, alkaline
Planting periodFrom March to May
Botanical nameOlea Europaea
Moisture of the soilNormal, dry
FruitsOval shape color: green / black
Decorative foliageGreen / Bluish
ExposureSun or partial shade

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