Non-marking bamboo Fargesia Winter Joy c3L height 60-80cm

Fargesia Winter Joy

Fargesia Winter Joy, a lovely bamboo to contemplate all winter. Ideal to complete a massive or a terrace ... this non-tracing bamboo grows quickly without invading your space.
The winter joy with green / bleate stems turning to mauve and plum.

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possibilitée de mixer entre les variétées.Plante issue de division

Description of Fargesia Bamboo 'Winter Joy'

Non-marking bamboo
(Pachymorphic rhizomes.)

Family: Poaceae, non-tracing Bamobu.

English Name: Fargesia Nitida 'Winter Joy', fargesia nitidax murielae 1 'Winter Joy'

It has a good capacity for growth. Its leaves are quite large in comparison with other nitidus. Its young turions are bluish green, then turn dark green, or even red / orange / dark brown with age and time. Port rather erected, with drooping heads (because of its murielae liabilities). Fargesia nitida x murielae 'Winter Joyis a hybrid between fargesia nitida and fargesia murielaewhich makes it an excellent cultivar.

According to Nursery Kimmei in Holland:

Fargesia Nitida Joy Winter x Murielae is a good choix if you have enough room for it to grow, so it would quickly reach its adult height between 3 and 4 meters which makes this plant a relatively fast shoot.

Bamboo plantation Fargesia 'Winter Joy'

All Fargesia grow much better in soil rich in humus and rich in nutrients. If soils are poor, sandy and very loamy, soils need to be improved. Mix as follows:

If the earth is clay:

  • Keep 33% of the earth in place.
  • add 33% peat (preferably blonde) or red sand.
  • add 33% good quality potting soil.

If the land is sandy:

  • Keep 50% of the earth in place
  • Make a contribution of good quality potting soil up to 50%

The addition of clay granules (seramis or pumice) greatly increases the storage of water. Then do not forget to fertilize with bamboo fertilizer. (preferably nitrogen rich).

For plants sold in a pot:
  • He eIt is best to plant from mid-February to early June and from September to mid-December.
  • For a relatively compact hedge plant a pot every 60-80cm.
  • Automatic watering the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Straw on the ground to keep moisture (Mulch, bark, pebbles).

Strong point of Bamboo Fargesia 'Winter Joy'

  • From a selection of seedlings from 2005
  • Base: murielae pollinated with nitida.
  • Good Growth ability
  • To protect from cold winds. (the leaves would curl tightly)
  • Resistant to diseases and colorful stubble (nitida).
  • open and luminous foliage (murielae).
  • Note the presence of a white bloom on young turions.
  • Non-marking bamboo thanks to pachymorphic rhizomes.
Using Fargesia 'Winter Joy'
  • Decorative solitaire
  • Potted plant and planter (to be covered in the coldest areas)
  • Hedge
Development of Bamboo Fargesia 'Winter Joy'
  • In 5 years about 250cm high.
  • In 10 years about 350cm high.
  • ADULT AGE about 400cm high.
Data sheet
rusticitySupport up to - 23 ° C
RhizomesPachymorphs (non-tracing)
HarborRight, slightly drooping
Planting periodAll year (frost free)
featureBamboo for hedges
Level of careEasy
Adult Height2.5 - 4 m +, 3.5 m on average
leaves5 x 1.5 cm
Decorative foliageYes
ExposureShadow / partial shade or sun (full south)
Diameter Thatchedmax 1 cm
Ground developmentFrom 75 cm to 1.5 m in 10 years
Foliage colorFresh green
Color of the stubbleGreen / purple
Bamboo classificationMedium (1.5-3.5 m)

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