Special haie bambou fargesia jiuzhaigou sp 1 pot 3L hauteur 80-100cm

Special hedge jiuzhaigou sp 1

Fargesia nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1 (Red Panda)

This bamboo is particularly appreciated for its stubble that blushes when exposed to the sun. They become purple as they get older. It is a very colorful bamboo with straight port to slightly weeping.

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Description of Fargesia bamboo Jiuzhaigou sp1 bamboo (Red Panda)

Non-marking bamboo (Pachymorphic rhizomes.)

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Family: Bamboo, Poaceae.

Name: Fargesia Nitida Jiuzhagou Sp1, Fargesia Red Dragon Nitida, Fargesia Nitida jiuzhaigou Red Panda.

Synonymous: Fargesia Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1, Fargesia Nitida Red Dragon and Jiuzhagou Red Panda are the same plants, Jiuzhaigou Red Panda is a Trademark of BambooSelect®.

"Fargesia Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1 is a pure marvel," synonymous Red Dragon, Red Panda ".

Called Fargesia Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1 it is also known as Fargesia Nitida Red Panda or Fargesia nitida Red Dragon, (only the packaging changes from one name to another, the plant is the same). The plant produces dark green culms, which emerge from dark pink purple sheaths, andtake on aging purple red colorssometimes pale yellow-orange creating a kaleidoscope of colors. The leaves are small and grouped, suspended by thousands with thin branches. It is best to provide the plant with light protection from too hot sun to preventleaves to wrap. The plant has the particularity of producing leaves on the new culms than the following year. Example: New shoots released in 2014 will only have leaves for the 2015 season.

Bamboo plantation Fargesia nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1 (red panda)

All Fargesia grow much better in soil rich in humus and rich in nutrients. If soils are poor, sandy and very loamy, soils need to be improved. Mix as follows:

  • It is best to plant from mid-February to early June and from September to mid-December.
  • For a hedge: Plant a pot every 60cm to 80cmmaximum.
  • Automatic watering the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Straw on the ground to keep moisture (Mulch, bark, pebbles).

If the earth is clay:

  • Keep 33% of the earth in place.
  • add 33% peat (preferably blonde) or red sand.
  • add 33% good quality potting soil.

If the land is sandy:

  • Keep 50% of the earth in place
  • Make a contribution of good quality potting soil up to 50%

Strong point of the Fargesia Bamboo Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1 (Red Panda)

  • It adapts to the half-shaded situation (shadow, half shade),
  • A thin green foliage that is strong and resistant to the cold (folds on itself in case of extreme cold).
  • Ideal for planters
  • Purple stems (stems)mostly exposed to the sun.
  • Non-marking bamboothanks to pachymorphic rhizomes.
  • Do not exceed 3.5m in adulthood.
  • Dense port, ideal right for a hedge it will carve easily.
Fiche technique
Season of interestSpring Summer Autumn Winter
HardinessWithstands down to - 29 ° C
RhizomesPachymorphs (non-tracing)
Adult Height3 m on average
Leaves5 x 1 cm
ExposureShade or partial shade
Thatch Diametermax 1 cm
Ground developmentFrom 60 cm to 1 m in 10 years
Foliage colorGray green
Stubble ColorOrange-red
Bamboo classificationMedium (1.5-3.5m)

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