Haie de Fargesia scabrida Asian Wonder pot 5 Litres

Fargesia scabrida Asian Wonder

Its purple sheaths bring out the beautiful greenish thatch, exceptional bamboo. Probably our favorite

10 plants correspond to a hedge of 8 meters.


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Bamboo Description Fargesia Scabrida Asian Wonder

Non-marking bamboo (Pachymorphic rhizomes.)

Family: Bamboo, Poaceae.

French name: Fargesia Scabrida Asian Wonder, Bamboo Scabrida.

Fargesia Scabrida Asian Wonder is recognized at first glance, with its fine, but dark and stubble stubble, with its purple-colored sheaths. Compared to other bamboos, Fargesia scabrida asian wonder has narrow, dark, pendulous leaves. Fargesia scabrida is more erect than the type species. At adult age fargesia scabrida asian wonder will only be arched at its end.

Developpement: Centiped with pachymorphic rhizomes, fargesia need not be contained, they are ideal for small gardens. '' No problem with neighbors,.

Bamboo plantation Fargesia Scabrida Asian Wonder

  • It is best to plant from mid-February to early June and from September to mid-December.
  • For a hedge: Plant a pot every 80cm maximum.
  • Automatic watering the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Straw on the ground to keep moisture (Mulch, bark, pebbles).

If the earth is clay:

  • Keep 33% of the earth in place.
  • add 33% peat (preferably blonde) or red sand.
  • add 33% good quality potting soil.

If the land is sandy:

  • Keep 50% of the earth in place
  • Make a contribution of good quality potting soil up to 50%

Strong point of Bamboo Fargesia Scabrida Asian Wonder.

  • Bamboo non-marking, non-invasive
  • Thatch and sheath of colored stubble
  • Very resistant to climatic conditions
  • Easily adapts to all types of soil
  • Persistent foliage in all seasons
  • Height 3 - 3,5m adult.

Article about Bamboo Fargesia Scabrida Asian Wonder.

We wrote an article about fargesia scabrida asian wonder,you can consult it by clicking on itian.
Fiche technique
HardinessWithstands down to - 24 ° C
RhizomesPachymorphs (non-tracing)
Harborslightly V
Adult Height3.5-5 m, 4 m on average
Leaves7 x 1 cm
ExposureSun or partial shade
Thatch Diametermax 1 cm
Ground developmentFrom 1 to 1.5 m in 10 years
Stubble sheath colorPale cream
Foliage colorGreen
Stubble ColorDark green
Bamboo classificationLarge (3.5m +)
CertificationBlue plant

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