Fargesia Murielae « Jumbo » esquisse

Fargesia Murielae Super Jumbo

it is perhaps one of the major introductions of the twentieth century, and it is one of the most rustic of all bamboos.

pot: 3L, size: 60 / 80cm


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The tight culms move very slowly. They form at the base a solid column and they support the mass of rustling foliage. The plant as a whole is very dense and forms an effective screen.

The abundant stubble emerges green-green and then turn to dull green-yellow. The leaves, pale green, are wider than Fargesia Murielae. He becomes an adult faster; his port is higher and more open.


- ideal for hedges every 60 / 80cm for pots of 3L.

- ideal in windbreaks.

- excellent for a noise screen.

- Suitable for growing in pots outdoors.


Hardiness: supports up to -29 ° C

Location:sun or light shade

Height:3-4,5m, 4m on average

Developmentfrom 75cm to 1,20m in 10 years.

Harbor:net, umbrella-shaped.

culms:maximum diameter 1,5cm, olive yellow.

leaves:narrow, 8x1cm, soft green.

Fiche technique
HardinessWithstands up to -20 ° C
Adult Height3.5-5 m, 4 m on average

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