Fargesia nitida Black Cherry, nitida jiuzhaigou sp4

Fargesia nitida Black Cherry

Fargesia Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp4 'Black Cherry'

is a reintroduction recent magnificent it is distinguished by stems almost black. It is a very decorative non-tracing bamboo.

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Description of Bamboo Fargesia Nitida 'Black Cherry'

Non-tracing bamboobr />(Pachymorphic rhizomes.)

Family: Poaceae, Non-tracing Bamboo.

English name: Fargesia nitida Black Cherry, Fargesia nitida jiuzhaigou sp4

Another variety of popular bamboo from Jiuzhaigou is fargesia "Jiuzhaigou 4". This bamboo, which has recently been aptly called "black cherry", is a species that becomes particularly dark in the sun. The new stems show a mahogany coloration, with a purple and red coloration visible on the branches. Overall, this is a very colorful cultivar in the Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou' family. The impressive play of colors is very pronounced in spring and autumn in sunny places.
Like his name Farge indicates itsia Nitida 'Black Cherry' is a non-spotting bamboo from the Nitida Family. As a reminder, the jiuzhaigou are numbered from 1 to 9 It differs from the famous Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp1 (or Red Panda) by its Mahogany colored stems. This non-tracing bamboo received a Courson Merit in 2010 for its ornamental qualities.

The color of the foliage is relatively similar to Jiuzhaigou sp1, the width is also the same while the length is more important. Resistant to diseases and cold, it is ideal to be planted as a hedge (at the rate of a pot every 80cm) or alone. Like many nitida, it will prefer a shaded or half-shaded situation, it is not recommended to put it in full sun south of the Loire.

This bamboo grows to a height of 2.5 meters, and when old and well placed, it can reach 3 meters.

Bamboo plantation Fargesia Nitida Black Cherry

All Fargesia grow much better in soils rich in humus and rich in nutrients. If the soils are poor, sandy and very loamy, the soil should be improved. Mix as follows:

If the soil is clay:

  • Keep 33% of the soil in place.
  • add 33% peat (preferably blond) or red sand.
  • add 33% good quality potting soil.

If the land is sandy:

  • Keep 50% of the soil in place
  • Add 50% good quality soil

Adding clay granules greatly increases water storage. Then don't forget to fertilize with bamboo fertilizer. (rich in nitrogen preferably to be spread from March to June).

For plants sold in pots:
  • It is best to plant from mid-February to early June and from September to mid-December.
  • For a relatively compact hedge plant a pot every 70-100cm.
  • Automatic watering at the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Mulch on the ground to keep humidity (Mulch, bark, pebbles).


Mulch in the fall with a typical fertilizer basacote under the mulch to keep the roots moist and protected from the cold. Repeat the fertilizer supply operation in February / March. Pay attention to watering during the first two years following planting.

Bambou Fargesia Nitida Jiuzhaigou sp4 "strong point"

  • Strongly Colorful (from the second year, those exposed to the sun).
  • Excellent for forming a hedge.
  • relatively small foliage
  • Almost black mahogany stems (stem).
  • Good growth capacity.
  • supports pruning very well.
  • Likesfor an exhibition in partial shade in all regions of France.
  • A recommendable, durable and sun tolerant variety.
  • Non-tracing bamboo thanks to the pachymorphic rhizomes.
Use of Fargesia Nitida Black Cherry
  • Hedge.
  • Decorative solitaire.
  • Potted plant and planter (to be covered in colder regions).
Development of Bamboo Fargesia Nitida 'Black Cherry'
  • In 5 years about 1.5 m high and 1m wide.
  • In 10 years about 3 m high and 1.5 wide.
Good to know:

Important! Minimum quantities are essential to order certain bamboos on the site. You do not have to order the same variety, you can mix the varieties stamped with the log ,, mix RZ ''; to do this, choose the varieties according to availability, send us an email to: service-client@leparadisdujardin.fr ; we will establish a personalized order form for you.

Fiche technique
HardinessWithstands down to - 26 ° C
RhizomesPachymorphs (non-tracing)
Planting periodAll year round (frost free)
ParticularityStubble bamboos tinged with black, gray, fawn, purple and blue
Adult Height2.5-3 m on average
Leaves7 x 1.2 cm
Decorative foliageYes
ExposureShade or partial shade
Thatch Diametermax 1 cm
Ground developmentFrom 60 cm to 1 m in 10 years
Developmentvery unhappy
Stubble sheath colorPale cream
Foliage colorShiny dark green
Stubble ColorPurple / Black
Bamboo classificationMedium (1.5-3.5m)
CertificationBlue plant

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