Fargesia Nitida Pillar c10l hauteur 125-150cm

Fargesia Nitida Pillar

Fargesia Nitida Pillar, stands apart from one straight and stocky port he will reachquicklyhis adult size ofAbout 4m. Very beautiful color of his purple canes


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Description of Fargesia Bamboo Nitida 'Pillar'

Non-marking bamboo
(Pachymorphic rhizomes.)

Family: Poaceae, Non-marking bamboo.

French name: Fargesia Nitida 'Pillar', Fargesia Nitida 'Gansu' X Nitida '3'

Fargesia nitida 'Pillar' is a selection of 2005 seedlings by H. Verweij. At this time, the opportunity arose to cross Fargesia nitida 'Gansu' with Nitida 3 by pollination.
'Pillar' is a very vigorous F1 hybrid. The stems and branches are initially slightly bluish and strongly floured with reddish sheaths. The stems later become dark brown. The branches become reddish in the sun.
The expected final height is estimated at 3-4 meters, since at the end of 4 years spears of 4m were observed.

According to Nursery Kimmei in Holland:

Fargesia Nitida 'Pillar' is a good choice if you have enough room for it to grow, so it will quickly reach its heightadult between 3 and 4 meters so that we can say that this plant with rapid growth

Bamboo plantation Fargesia Nitida 'Pillar'

All Fargesia grow much better in soil rich in humus and rich in nutrients. If soils are poor, sandy and very loamy, soils need to be improved. Mix as follows:

If the earth is clay:

  • Keep 33% of the earth in place.
  • add 33% peat (preferably blonde) or red sand.
  • add 33% good quality potting soil.

If the land is sandy:

  • Keep 50% of the earth in place
  • Make a contribution of good quality potting soil up to 50%

The addition of clay granules (seramis or pumice) greatly increases the storage of water. Then do not forget to fertilize with bamboo fertilizer. (preferably nitrogen rich).

For plants sold in a pot:
  • It is best to plant from mid-February to early June and from September to mid-December.
  • For a relatively compact hedge plant a pot every 60-80cm.
  • Automatic watering the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Straw on the ground to keep moisture (Mulch, bark, pebbles).

Strong point of Bamboo Fargesia Nitida 'Pillar'

  • From a selection of seedlings from 2005
  • Base: nitida 'Gansu' and Nitida '3'
  • Good Growth ability
  • Resistant to diseases and colorful stubble (nitida).
  • Port straight and dense
  • Non-marking bamboo thanks to pachymorphic rhizomes.

Using Fargesia Nitida 'Pillar'

  • Decorative solitaire
  • Potted plant and planter (to be covered in the coldest areas)
  • Hedge
Fargesia Bamboo Development Nitida 'Pillar'
  • In 5 yearsabout 400cm high.
Fiche technique
HardinessWithstands down to - 22 ° C
RhizomesPachymorphs (non-tracing)
HarborStraight, slightly drooping
Planting periodAll year round (frost free)
ParticularityBamboos for hedges
Adult Height3.5-5 m, 4 m on average
Leaves5 x 1 cm
ExposureShade / partial shade or sun (! Full south)
Thatch Diametermax 1 cm
Ground developmentFrom 75 cm to 1.5 m in 10 years
Foliage colorIntense green
Stubble ColorGreen / purple
Bamboo classificationLarge (3.5m +)

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