Voile Nomade Pyramide 4x4 m imperméabilisée

Sail Nomad pyramid 4 x 4 m

A great veil of shading in the shape of pyramid, to protect from the Sun, wind or rain and from prying eyes. 

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Description: Decorative shade in the form of PYRAMID L 400 x P 400 cm / 16 m2 , Garden, outdoor, for the beach show, etc.

Fabric Nylon)waterproofed), 120 gr/m2 density, sand color. Sailing with tunnel to avoid the accumulation of heat below the sail and to reduce the effect of the wind blows (< span)>In case of strong wind or heavy rain, it is advisable to disassemble the pyramid!)


Solar sail Nylon with ventilation tunnel 4x4m

  • 1 x post meta l height 3.3 m in four segments
  • 4 x cords 3 meters to set sail.li >
  • 4 x sardines Special to fix the cords to the ground.li >
  • Package: Storage bag 80 x 33 x 16 cm



Quality  Anti-UV; Anti-water repellent; Rotproof

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Installation requires 2 or 3 people.p >

-Deploy the picket support

-Deploy the canvas. Position the middle of the canvas on the top of the post. Maintain the sail at the 4 corners with 4 cords stretched and attached to the sardines.

. It must ensure that children do not play with the elastic strings because of the risk of injury. 


Data sheet
Density of the canvas Gr/m120

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