Lame terrasse bambou brun foncé 20 x 178 x 1850

Dark brown bamboo decking board 20 x 178 x 1850

Bamboo deck board Dark brown 20x 178x1850 mm, with 2 grooves along the length for installation with clips. The end of the boards is profiled to fit into the next board and thus avoid joints.

Grooved on one side, smooth on the other. 1 M2 = 3 slats


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Preparation time 15 days

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Due to its unbeatable properties, it has been used in our gardens for many years. The raw material for our patio boards - called Moso bamboo - comes from sustainable agriculture in China. Bamboo stems can reach up to 30m in height and have a diameter of up to 18cm. Moso bamboo can reach 1.60m in a single day. A shoot can carry up to 100,000 leaves. The stems are harvested after 5-6 years as soon as they are hard enough. After that, new stems immediately emerge from so-called rhizomes, which penetrate the entire floor of the bamboo forest. Bamboo deck boards are extremely durable andresistant ,dimensionally stableand weather resistant. An excellent alternative to tropical timber.

The end of the slats is profiled so as to fit into the next plank and thus avoid joints at the end of the plank.

Grooved on one side, smooth on the other

The bamboo deck board dark brownderives its typical color from the heat treatment of fibers./ p>

Deck board 20 x 178 x 1850 Dark brown - 3 boards are needed for 1M2

Available in the same dimensions in light brown

Available in 20 x 137 x 1850 light brown and dark brown


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