kit couvre-sols 3m² graminée festuca glauca 'elijah blue'

festuca scoparia gautieri Kit

This grass is very decorative, it quickly forms a dense cushion green olive. < br />Our Tip: to mix with Fescue blue. < br />Declining prices!

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Festuca Gautieri "Festuca Scoparia, is very decorative with its olive green foliage and its small inflorescences. This grass forms a small bushy Bush of 30cm. The leaves are very thin and slightly drooping. Center of inflorescences emerge. Ideal for borders or limits of massifs. You can associate it with the blue fescue (Festuca Glauca) to form a beautiful contrast of colors. She can't stand the calcareous soils.

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  • Name: Festuca gautieri, Festuca Scoparia, Fescue bear hair, Fescue of Gautier. < /li >
  • Type of soil: clayey, Sandy Normal
  • Use: In ground cover (9 buckets per m²), on the edge of the massif, in the rock. In ground cover, plant a bucket every 30cm. < /li >
    Available packaging:facilities >
    • Ground cover 1 m² or 3ml Kit, content (9 cups of 9x9cm)
    • Ground cover 2 square meters or 6ml Kit, content (18 buckets of 9x9cm)
    • Floor covering 3 m² or 9ml Kit, content (27 buckets of 9x9cm)
    • Ground cover 4 m or 12ml Kit, content (36 buckets of 9x9cm)
    The advantage of this kit:facilities >
    • Contemporary
    • Festuca Scoparia forms a beautiful carpet thick and >
    • very little maintenance (cut to 5cm from the end of March ground) < /.li >
    • heat and cold resistant < /.li >
    Data sheet
    RusticitSupports up - 20 C
    PortBottom, forming a ball
    Adult height20 - 30 cm
    ExhibitionLight or partial shade
    Expansion groundFast, space every 30 cm


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