Juniper - Kaizuka - shaft cloud

Juniperus Virginia Grey Owl

Called "Juniper of Virginia Grey Owl" it differs from other juniperus by his Gray foliage of the most magnificent, it is..
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This Juniper of China called (Juniperus Virginia Grey Owl) measure 80-100cm high off pot, delivered with a mulch made from bark on the top of the pot C15L. This plant is cut S avEC type Japanese, a tree cloud clouds is perfect to dress up his garden. 
< /.span > conifer of small to medium, often spreading and singular fruit resembling spherical berries. Compact, spreading, irregular, form which the bark exfoliates. Foliage bright green, fragrant, grouped, juvenile leaves narrow, on the edge thin and long, and adults scalelike, tacked along the stems and superimposed. This tree produces many fruits.

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Our cloud trees are produced in the Netherlands;  l'acclimatation dans nos régions est excellente, Unlike the Italian and Spanish productions.
Vsee reviews on our Juniperus on sale year-round. < /has >

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