Junipersu Squamata Blue Carpet

Juniperus Squamata Blue Carpet

This tree at clouds is just beautiful; the branches are short and rigid with a Silver blue hue./em > remarkable.

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Juniperus Squamata 'Blue Carpet' x measures 100-125 cm high off pot, delivered in a container of 40 liters, with mulch made from bark on the top of the pot. This plant is cut S with Japanese type clouds, clouds tree perfect to dress up his garden. The branches are short and rigid with a remarkable silvery blue tint. The growth of this variety is fast enough. You can bring the conifères(en granulés) fertilizer when planting in order to stimulate root development and allow them to be also more resistant to winter. This Juniper is used both in isolated in a rockery, sandboxed, on the terrace.

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Name to use:

    Juniper, 'Blue Carpet', Juniperus Squamata 'Blue Carpet' X, blue Juniper. < /li >
  • Type of soil: normal, clayey, calcareous, Sandy, Heath land, rich in humus.
  • Use: Expose it where it can be seen, also called cloud 'Niwaki' tree is a key size of Japanese Gardens.

Plants need a regular fertilizer, supplemented by an anti-brunissement of the foliage, to keep a light plant at all times. Apart from this contribution, the juniperus is resistant and low maintenance.


Our cloud trees are produced in thex Netherlands; acclimatization in our regions is excellent, Unlike the Italian and Spanish productions.


Metropolitan france delivery: €15 TTC < br />Possibility to deliver the Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, consult us in < a href = ".." /.. "/ contact us" title = "Contact us" >clicking here.
Plant delivered by Geodis Calberson in 48-72 hours, strapped palette. 

Data sheet
Season of interestSpring, t, fall, winter
RusticitSupports up - 20 C
Soil pHNeutral, acidic, alkaline
Period of plantationAll year (Frost)
Botanical nameJuniperus squamata 'Blue Carpet' x
Level of careEasy
Moisture of the soilNormal, dry
FruitBlack berries (non-edible)
Foliage dcoratifYes
ExhibitionSun or part shade
Foliage colorBlue silver
Images des clients

Photo posté Par bertrand G. le 05 Sept. 2016 :
Commentaire :Cet arbuste est conforme aux photos, la livraison a été assuré dans les temps malgré une réticence du transporteur, la société à su régler ce soucis rapidement. J'ai joint des photos de la plantation, merci encore.

Junipérus squamata blue carpet arbre nuage, bonsai de jardin
Niwaki junipérus squamata blue carpet bonsai de Jardin Mr Gautier
Arbre Nuage Genévrier, junipérus squamata blue carpet taille en S de haute qualité distribué par
Haie Fargesia Robusta Campbell posté par Brigitte B. le 10 Novembre 2015, fargesia robusta campbell en pot de 5 litres hauteur téhoriques 40-60cm production française au label plante bleue


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