Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps

Juniperus Chinensis Aurea Plum

Bonsai < strong >225-250cm off pot

Delivered in a wooden pot...facilities >

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où la plante devra être exposée.Exhibition
Sun or light shade < /.p >

logo température plantesHardiness
Supports up to-20 ° c... /.p >

< img style= "float: left;" clear: left; margin-right: 7px; "margin-bottom: 15px;" title = "" src ="height... "/ img/product/taille.jpg" alt = "Adult height of the plant" width = "40" height = "40" / >Height
According to the tree ordered

vitesse de pousse de la planteGrowth

forme que prend la plante a l'age adulte Port
Cloud tree, bonsai < /.p >

la plante perd elle ses feuilles lors de la période hivernaleFoliage
Persistent, cone-shaped port.

Strong Juniper to stems arching at the end, which the young shoots are silvery blue. Tree to clouds of first choice, the blue of its foliage color makes it a first choice niwaki.

Name to use:/ span >Juniperus Chinensis 'Monarch'

Type of soil: Léger, pauvre, même calcaire, dry to moderately moist

Use: isolated,highlight. 

Available pot:/ span >
Wooden pot; Photo plant calibrated. < br / >Delivery possible by carrier and making appointments.


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