Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps tree cloud 125-150cm pot 40L

Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps

Cloud tree juniperus Blue Alps

A cloud tree of choice and quality; directly from the cloud tree producer. Pot 50 liters height off pot 100-125cm

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Description of the Juniperus Blue Alps Size in S, cloud
Rustic blue juniper tree in cloud/ H6>

Pot of 50 liters height out of pot 100-125cm

Family: Poacée <./ P>

French name: Juniper 'Blue Alps', Juniperus Chinensis 'Blue Alps', Juniper Blue.

The cloud-cut Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps is between 100 and 125 cm outside pot, vigorous juniper, with arched stems at the tip, whose young shoots are silvery blue. A prime cloud tree, the bluish color of its foliage makes it a premium niwaki. Its low price makes it a tree within the reach of many scholarships.

Bamboo plantation Fargesia Murielae Dino
  • It is best to plant from mid-February to early June and from September to mid-December.
  • As a general rule all potted plants can be planted out of frost period.
  • Soil type: normal, clay, limestone, sandy, heather earth, rich in humus.
  • Plants need a regular fertilizer supplement, supplemented with anti-browning foliage, to keep a plant bright at all times. Aside from this contribution, the juniperus is resistant and requires littlemaintenance.
  • Automatic watering the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Straw on the ground to keep moisture (Mulch, bark, pebbles).

Strong point of Bamboo Fargesia Murielae Dino./ Strong>
  • It adapts to many situations (Sun, partial shade).
  • Support up to -20 ° C
  • Gray blue foliage and abundant juniper berries.
  • Will not exceed 175cm once developed.
  • Cut in S, these clouds trees are majestic
  • Exposing it where it can be seen, the cloud tree also called 'Niwaki' is a must size of Japanese gardens.

Good to know

Our Cloud Trees are produced in the Netherlands; acclimatization in our regions is excellent, unlike Italian and Spanish productions. The amendment of the containers is of excellent quality./ Em>

Price and delivery method

Delivery metropolitan France: 15 € TTC
Ability to deliver in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg; to consult us in Click here.
Plant delivered by Geodis Calberson in 48-72 h, strapped on pallet.

Pot available:
P50 / C55. Calibrated plant

Data sheet
rusticitySupport up to - 20 ° C
Harbor-Bird cloud (Niwaki) Bonsai
Decorative foliageIntense blue
ExposureSun or light shade
Ground developmentQuick

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