Bonsaï Juniperus Squamata Blue Carpet taille S c15 litres hauteur 80-100cm

Juniperus Squamata Blue Carpet Shape S

Juniperus Squamata Blue Carpet cut in S small Subject

This cloud tree is simply beautiful; its branches are short and rigid with a silvery blue hue remarkable.

Pot of 20 liters height 80 / 100cm out of pot.

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Description of Juniperus Squamata Blue Carpet young S-cut subject

Pot of 20 liters height out of pot 80 / 100cm cut in S.

Family: />Usual name: Juniper 'Blue Carpet', Juniperus X Squamata 'Blue Carpet', Blue Juniper.

The Juniperus x Squamata 'Blue Carpet' measures 80-100 cm tall off pot, delivered in a 15-liter container, with a bark-based mulch on top of the pot. This plant is cut in S with Japanese type clouds, a perfect cloud tree to dress up your garden. The branches are short and stiff with a remarkable silvery blue hue. The growth of this variety is quite fast. You can add coniferous fertilizer (granular) during planting to stimulate root development and to be more resilient for the winter. This juniper is used both in isolated in a rock garden, in tray, on the terrace.iperus / 748-Juniperus-squamata-blue-carpet.html ">Click here if you want the same Juniperus in a 40 liter pot.

Planting Juniperus squamata blue carpet carved in S
  • Potted plants can be plyear-round (excluding freeze period.)
  • Soil type: normal, clayey, calcareous, sandy, loamy, rich in humus.
  • Automatic watering the foot the first year is recommended.
  • Straw on the ground to keep moisture (Mulch, bark, pebbles).

Strong point of Juniperus Squamata blue Carpet cut in S
  • It adapts to many situations (Sun, partial shade).
  • Exhibit it where it can be seen, the cloud tree also called 'Niwaki' is a must size of Japanese gardens
  • Very fragrant (juniper trees)
  • Decorative foliage (blue)
  • rustic
  • Port cut in S


Plants need a regular fertilizer supplement, supplemented with anti-browning foliage, to keep a plant bright at all times. Aside from this contribution, the juniperus is resistant and requires little maintenance.


Our cloud trees are produced in the Netherlands; acclimatization in our regions is excellent, unlike Italian and Spanish productions.


Delivery metropolitan France: 15 € TTC
Ability to deliver Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, consult us in Click here.
Plant delivered by Geodis Calberson in 48-72 h, strapped pallet.

Fiche technique
Season of interestSpring Summer Autumn Winter
rusticitySupport up to - 20 ° C
Ph of soilNeutral, acidic, alkaline
Planting periodAll year (frost free)
Botanical nameJuniperus x squamata 'Blue Carpet'
Level of careEasy
Moisture of the soilNormal, dry
FruitsBlack berries (inedible)
Decorative foliageYes
ExposureSun or partial shade
Foliage colorSilver blue

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