Acer Dissectum Garnet

Acer Dissectum Garnet

Maple family "dissectum" purple half-stem 100 cm!

Pot 30L, diameter of the head 40/50 cm

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où la plante devra être exposée.Exposure
light shadow

logo température planteshardiness
down to -20 ° c

Hauteur adulte de la planteHeight
1m, width 2m.

vitesse de pousse de la planteGrowth

forme que prend la plante a l'age adulteHarbor

la plante perd elle ses feuilles lors de la période hivernaleFoliage
Deciduous, very divided purple color

The acer PalmatumDissectum 'Garnet'has a low and spread port. It looks a lot like'Garnet dissectum'but its growth is slower. Its cut foliage changes from bright red to hatching, to dark purple throughout the season. Beautiful in the fall it is tinged with a bright red scarlet. It is the essential plant of Zen gardens.

Username: Acer Palmatum Dissectum 'Crimson Queen'

Soil type:rich in humus, acid, heather earth

Use:Ideal solitaire in Japanese Garden./ P>

Pot 30L, half-stem 100cm, head diameter 40 / 50cm.


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