Pouf intérieur Cupcake Set oxford

Pouf intérieur Cupcake Set oxford

Coloré et audacieux... les nouveaux poufs pour les enfants en forme de petit gâteau est vraiment amusant ! Ensemble pratique de 3 poufs composé d'un grand et deux petits avec une combinaison colorée de jaune, bleu, orange, gris et rouge. c'est super FUN !

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Pushbag Cupcake Set Oxford

Vendu par lot de 3 poufs, un grand et deux petits de coloris jaune, bleu, orange, gris et rouge. Tissu polyester (oxford) facile d'entretien.
La perle de remplissage de haute qualité, sans perte de stabilité. Ainsi, chaque pouf conserve sa forme et peut être facilement rechargé.

Ensemble de 3 pièces colorées :
Cupcake L: jaune/bleu/orange/jaune, dimensions: Ø 60 cm x H 50 cm
Cupcake XS1: rouge/bleu/rouge/gris, dimensions: Ø 40 cm x H 38 cm
Cupcake XS2: bleu/vert-anis/jaune/bleu, dimensions: Ø 40 cm x H 38 cm

Tissu Oxford: 100% Polyester Conforme standard EN71 2+3, spécialement conçu pour les enfants, ce tissu n’apporte aucune matières dangereuses pour les enfants!

Remplissage: billes polystyrène dépoussiérées.
Pushbag Color

Soft (beanbag with micro cut)

The fine micro cut gives each bean bag a super soft feel. In the trendy colors of petrol-blue, honey-yellow and lime-green accents the cozy bean bags in each living room. Thus, the pushbag whether round beanbag, XXL pillow or couch, a popular seating furniture and feel-good element! The bean bag in yellow brings the sun into the house, a bean bag in blue provides relaxation and a bean bag in green ensures freshness and cheerfulness! What is your favorite color?. Product concerned by this fabric: Angel, Chair, Bag 500 and Easy.

gamme soft coloris honey ( miel )
gamme soft coloris lila
gamme pushbag coloris lime ( citron vert )
gamme pushbag coloris orange
gamme pushbag coloris petrol ( bleu )
gamme pushbag coloris purple ( pourpre )
gamme pushbag coloris taupe

Afl ( Bean Bag in Leather look ).

A soft, smooth finish leather look and an elegant appearance are the two components of this impressive beanbag collection. Here the classic beanbag is definitely for home furniture: the high-quality leather-look turns him into a real piece of design - with feel-good character. Product concerned by this Fabric: Toby, Chair and Easy.

gamme pushbag afl coloris anthracite
gamme pushbag afl coloris taupe

Mix ( Beanbag harmoniously Combined Afl & Soft ).

Simple elegance through clean lines - a combination convinces. The fine twill with micro cut blends well with the elegant leather-look fabric. These bean bags create in every living room relax oases with style. As a reading area, lounge area or complement to furniture. Product concerned by this Fabric: Toby, Chair and Easy.

gamme pushbag mix coloris anthracite
gamme pushbag mix coloris taupe

Fur ( Beanbag in Faux Fur ).

A soft and cuddly bean bag in faux fur – the new trend for your home. The very soft, high quality faux fur is an extraordinary contrast to the clear current household furniture. Modern, trendy and cozy – the perfect seating for anyone who likes casual and chic at the same time. Our hearts have been already conquered by the new lounge furniture synthetic fur – now it's your turn with relax, enjoy and fall in love. Product concerned by this Fabric: Bag 500 and Seat Xl.

gamme pushbag Fur coloris Black ( Noir )
gamme pushbag Fur coloris Weiss ( Blanc )

Canvas ( pouf made from linen ).

The delicate linen has a natural look and gives our beanbag a soft touch. The cool vintage prints make something special out of it and remember old times and foreign lands. The beanbag in linen suits not only look to the cottage, country house-style or French chic. Natural and fashionable it transforms any space into something special! Try it - you'll be amazed !

gamme pushbag canvas coloris Lin
gamme pushbag canvas inscription cinnamon
gamme pushbag canvas inscription coffee
gamme pushbag canvas inscription cotton
gamme pushbag canvas inscription fleur de sel
gamme pushbag canvas inscription thé

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