Crochet pour balançoire double

Double swing hook

Quickly and easily set up your double swing thanks to this fixing hook for double swing of the KBT brand.


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Thishook for double swing is specifically designed for swing accessories with four suspension cords, such as nest swing models: the Swibee nest swing, the Denoh cocoon swing, the Winkoh nest swing, the Oval nest swing or the Grandoh nest swing for example. The four suspension points provide optimum stability throughout the swing.

TheDouble swing hook is compatible with round beams (ranging from 90mm up to 120mm in diameter), as well as square beams (90 x 90mm). The distance between the carabiners is 300 mm. At the level of the lifting system, you will find an M12 threaded rod, with a safety nut and a washer also included. All the hooks are protected by an extra thick luminous galvanized galvanization, meeting the most rigorous requirements.

All proKBT's products are tested and approved in accordance with the most recent European directives and regulations.

Technical characteristics of the KBT double swing hook:

Material: galvanized steel with nylon bearings
Dimensions: 350 x 170 x 40 mm
Number of suspension points: 4
Distance between carabiners: 300 mm
Hanging system: M12 threaded rod, safety nut and washer
Compatible with round and square beams

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