Hammock suspended Cacoon

A living space to hang; an innovative concept of absolute pleasure and relaxation. This tent or hammock Cacoon "suspended has everything to make the shade hammocks.

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cacoon cocon suspendu 
The Cacoon can be defined as a space of life suspended, a concept innovating absolute pleasure and relaxation. Designed for adults and children, it is synonymous with return to the nest... < p sty= "do-style: normal;" "do-size: 14px;" >It can turn into a shelter, swing, hammock, seat hanging garden or whatever it is you want it to be; inside and outside. Imagine the happiness to be able to decompress or to relax anywhere, anytime. < span sty= "do-size: 14px;" >A hanging garden chair, packed Cacoon measures only 30 of 70cm (80cm for a double). What makes it so practical. But that's not all! Your Cacoon is also very easy to hang and you can really take it where you want, when you want.

The concept of the Cacoon hammock was born of the imagination of designers and experts in textiles used for architectural structures. It has been designed to meet the demand of the Scarlet hotel in the United Kingdom which sought to create a space of relaxation in its luxury SPA < br />

Its innovative shape comes from nature itself. She was inspired while on a trip to the Mexico by the work of a bird and the particular shape of its nest. Real small safe built deep in the jungle for this bird, it will be for you an individual relaxation space or to share. Your Cacoon will allow you to recreate a little magical.

< p style = "do-style: normal;" "do-size: 14px;" >The suspended hammock Cacoon is sure and strong, simple and original. It is small enough to be transported and big enough to be shared. It is resisitant to weather and supports the wind, the rain and the Sun. It has been tested and suspended in all types of environments; in the gardens, during hikes in the Woods, near the coast, the office, in sports centers and leisure, in the rooms in hotels, inside and outside, to provide maximum pleasure.

< p style = "foNT-style: normal; "do-size: 14px;" >The cacoon is a real innovation for the leisure industry. He is becoming the "must - have", a paradise to suspend. < /p >


Cacoons hanging tents are manufactured with materials developed to meet the highest requirements of the Navy and the camping industry. Treated to resist water, fungi andUX UV, their canvas is made up of a mixture of cotton and polyester, which allows to keep a natural look and to guarantee their longevity.


The Cacoons have been designed and manufactured according to strict standards. Of course, we cannot guarantee them for absolutely everything, but if they are used correctly, they will give you years of enjoyment.

How to hang your Cacoon:

Hang a Cacoon is a breeze! If you have a difficulty in their editing, they are equipped with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

Content of the package:p >

Cacoon is delivered ready to install, < strNGO >with a 4 m long rope, carabiner and a cover storage.


Define what place to hang?


Bonsai: O1.2m, 2.25 m (free height) / Ø 1.5 m (floor space)

Single (single): o1.5m – 2.5 m (free height) / Ø 1,8 m (floor space) < /.p >

Double: O1.8m – 2.55 m (free height) / Ø 2,10 m (floor space) < /.p >

cocon suspendus croquis  
Data sheet
TextureTissu : 285g/m2, 35% coton 65% Polyester, UV50,
Quality Anti-UVUV50 +.
Weight (kg)5-6kg
Product warranty1 year
The shape of the canvasOther forms
Finish of the canvasnylon
Suspension space requiredIdéal: 2.8 m (hauteur libre) / Ø 2.55 m (espace au sol)
Dimensions (cm)62 x 25 x 12, 77 x 25 x 12 cm size package
Density of the canvas Gr/m285 gr/m²
Contents of the packagecanvas, structure, rope, carabiner
CableNylon 12 & 8 mm => Résistance 2200 & 1400 kg
RingAluminium anodisé 6030 & 6005

Assembly Cacoon 2015 FR

contents of the bag, space requirements, general maintenance, Assembly, dmontage in FRENCH

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Assembly Cacoon 2015 EN

contents of the bag, space requirements, general maintenance, Assembly, dmontage in ENGLISH

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