Barbecue brasero classic 200

Barbecue Brazier classic 100

Barbecue Brazier multifunction Classic 100 is a giant barbecue (20 to 30 guests), which will delight you by its simplicity of operation and its various functions,... < stroNG >Standard NF.

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Barbecue Brazier Classic 100 is a giant model for 20 to 30 guests. Its many uses, like grilling on the barbecue while maintaining warm accompaniments, burn the leaves of the garden in the fall or even spend an evening around a camp fire, while avoiding the risk of burning the lawn, make a product indispensable for your evenings.

Barbecue Brazier Classic 100 model (up to 20 or 30 guests)

Typical use of the Barbecue Brazier with of the charcoal or small logs

Barbecue Brazier multipurpose

  • Function barbecue for grilling in the open air
  • Function dish to keep warm food accompanying your grill oven or heater
  • Function Brasero for a fire without the risk of burning the >
  • Function of garden incinerator to burn small detritus of the garden (leaves, etc.)

The barbecue Brazier Classic is very easy to use

  • Easy to move thanks to its wheels and handle
  • Possibility of cooking through the 4 positions racks 4 heights < /li>
  • Simple to use with its removable handles to change the height of the grill < /.li >
  • Resistant Thanks to its refractory paint that resists up to 500 °
  • Easy to store for the winter by ease of disassembly < /.li >
  • Little bulky with possibility of vertical wintering

Characteristics of the giant Classic model Brazier BBQ

  • The fireplace dimensions: 90 x 53 cm
  • Grid size: 87 x 48 cm
  • Barbecue Brazier classic 100: 43 kg net weight
  • Carton weight: 47 kg
  • Carton dimensions: 74 x 93 x 17 cm
  • Chrome 4 and 8 mm steel wire grille
  • Home plate 2.5 mm thick (standard: ≥ 0.8 mm) < /li>
  • Rack of 3 mm thickness for 6 possible grids heights
  • remote home - ground: 34 cm
  • Grid - mini ground distance: 42 cm
  • Grid - maximum ground distance: 70 cm
  • Space home - protection plate: 12 >

The giant Barbecue Brazier Classic is ideal both for your evening barbecue or your nights around a campfire with friends, but also very useful to burn dead leaves from your garden in the fall without burning the lawn

< p>The giant Barbecue Brazier Classic benefits from the standard NF EN 1860-1 (Decree No. 2006-18 January 4, 2006)


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