Barbecue brasero classic 200

Barbecue Brazier classic 200

Barbecue Brazier Classic 200 is a barbecue which will delight you by its simplicity of operation and its various functions,... < stRong >Standard NF.

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Barbecue Brazier Classic 200 is a barbecue which will delight you by its simplicity of operation, and its various functions. Indeed, it is organized in such a way that you can at the same time, Cook for your friends a good meat or fish on the grill, but also keep warm dishes that will accompany him, thanks to his compartment warmer. Standard NF.
Barbecue Brazier Classic 200 complies with standard NF EN 1860-1 (Decree No. 2006-18 January 4, 2006).
Barbecue Brasero mixed with triple function:

Barbecue wood or charcoal.facilities >

  • Grill for cooking meat, fish, etc.
  • Hot plate.
  • Oven.


  • outdoor heating.
  • campfire.

incinerator garden burning not garden grass < /.strong >

  • to burn dead >
  • to burn the old >

Characteristics of the Barbecue Brazier

  • Home of the Barbecue Brazier: 61 x 46 cm
  • The home is at 30 cm from the >
  • Space between the fireplace and the protection plate: 7 >
  • 4 racks of 3 mm thickness and 4 positions for the grill < /li>
  • Grill: 57.5 x 39.5 cm
  • The grid can be positioned at 4 different heights on the racks < /li>
  • The grid is 36 cm from the ground in the down position et-53 cm from the floor in the high >
  • Diameter of the wires making up the cooking rack: 4 and 8 mm
  • The intermediate plate thickness: 2.5 mm (no standard) < /.li >
  • Refractory black paint resistant to 500 ° < /li>
  • Barbecue Brazier net weight: 28 kg (31 kg packaged)
Main assets of this Barbecue Brazier
  • Barbecue Brazier Classic 200 is covered with thick steel of a refractory resistant black paint up to temperatures of 500 °.
  • The Brazier Grill grid is chromed steel.
  • 2 casters for easy >
  • The 2 removable handles to change the height of the grill without burning. < /li >
  • Easy storage and compact, thanks to the possibility of vertical storage against a wall.


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