Engrais Bio Performant probioterre sac 1kg très puissant avec brevet pour le développement racinaire

Fertilizer Bio Performing probioterre

Organic fertilizer probioterre works so well that it is used mostly by professionals (nursery, horticulturist, racetracks and golf courses) so why not enjoy it is a 100% organic product and enjoy a 10% vat.


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Description of the fertilizer 100% Organic Probioterre 1kg

Versatile fertilizer for all types of plants.

More and more people are sensitive to the ecological aspect and are now aware of the danger of using chemicals, for the environment and for the human body.

Made from new organic material, cocoa husks, potash and sulphate, probioterr fertilizer is enriched with new RSH patent for root development based on fulvic acid .This natural fertilizer is the new alternative to usual chemical fertilizers, nitrogenous, destructive and polluting. Probioterre fertilizer is created to anticipate the maximum diseases. It is used in organic farming and brings sulfur in the form of sulphate to optimize the recovery of nitrogen.

Produced in France more specifically in Brittany, Probioterre is all terrain, it is a 100% versatile fertilizer for the whole garden.

Composition of probioterre fertilizer

Probioterre is probably the only organic fertilizer the mostmarket lety (in France).


  1. Dry matter to 92%
  2. Organic matter to 75%
  3. Total nitrogen:8%whose7.9%organic
  4. Phosphoric anhydride3%
  5. Potassium oxide:10%
  6. Calcium oxide:6%
  7. Sulfur:12%
  8. + RSH (Fulvic acid) patent for root development

Use of Probioterre fertilizer 1kg for:

  • Planting 30 hedge plants (1 handle per hedge plant, 1kg = 30 plants)
  • Plantations of biennials: 1 handle per m²
  • Tree Planting: 3 Handles per Tree Mixed Downhole Pit
  • Maintenance of massive and all plants (1 handful per plant in autumn and 1 in spring)

For the following 3 applications: 1 handle per m² (25 to 30 handles per 1kg bag)

  • Vegetable gardens (to be applied before sowing or planting after tillage)
  • Creating turf (to spread before sowing after workof the ground ).
  • Lawn care(1 passage in the fall and 1 passage in the spring).

Advantage of the probioterre fertilizer

  1. Fertilizer for use in biologic agriculture, in accordance with the EC regulation 834/2007 of 20/07/07
  2. Richin nitrogen and potash
  3. Brings a diet rich in N, P, K, of organic origin
  4. Ensures a regulated and sustained nitrogen supply
  5. Strongly stimulates microbial life
  6. Brings organic matter quickly assimilable
  7. Potentiates the great balances of the soil and the plant
  8. Formula designed to optimize the health of all plants.

Precaution of use probioterre

Naturally safe product, we advise you to wash your hands after use.

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