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Fertilizer 500g for Mediterranean plants. < /p >

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Can be used in organic farming, entirely original animal and/or plant organic fertilizer.

System Tear & Tip, plastic bag in area with Zip closure. Pleasant to use, the bag long remains dry.

a garden with the scent of summer

How not to resist all these plants coming from the South, that breathe the Sun and give to our garden, terrace or veranda, of color, of exoticism and originality.

must help them to bloom so that they produce numerous and beautiful colorful flowers.

saint-fiacre Mediterranean plants fertilizer brings the ideal complement for your Palm trees, oleander, datura, mimosas, Bougainvilleas... shine under the Sun of all latitudes.


prepare the ground and incorporate fertilizer by mixing ground approx 150g / plant.


every 3 months, apply fertilizer and claw the Earth.

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150g / m² or 100g / plant.p >


Water after each application.p >


from March to October...p >

Saint-fiacre guarantees:

Organic fertilizer NPK

Fertilizer NF U 42-001

NPK: 6-4-7 + 3 MgO


Attention! When ordering, if we are out of stock on this product, we will put you a different product within the same dosage. D, em >years this case, only packaging changes, the container remains the same "NPK: 6-4-7 + 3 MgO, with same weight..."facilities >


The dosage of anhydrous phosphoric "P", who is 4, is about 2 x less balanced than the nitrogen and potassium; < strong >It's the perfect mix for your Palm. < /strong >


Saint-Fiacre Mediterranean plants was tested by Palm Alsace on his subjects "Palm trees and olive trees"; the result was convincing, < a title = "Alsace Palm" href = "" target = "_blank" > les oliviers sont en fleurs et les palmiers sont resplendissants (voir son Blog, page 129,130,131.)

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