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Fertilizer basacote 6 months Pro

Fertilizer of conical shape, professional quality, measured dosage, extra quality! 

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Basacote Tabs 300 offers you the opportunity to make the fertilizer in a very simple way. With its conical shape, the tablet can easily be pressed into the substrate. Tablets are cones of < strong >7.5 g, a time of action of 6 months.

Basacote tabs 300 is suitable for perennials, green and flowering plants, roses, trees and shrubs

Basacote tabs 300 is manufactured with a water-soluble glue in water...p >

After application, the Tablet disintegrates to improve the dissemination of the nutrient.

Basacote is often used at the time of the sale of the plants to ensure fertilization the consumer.

NPK: 14 - 3-19 + 2MgO Action 5-6months. Rich in potassium to build the plant.


The Council:

If you water to drip, position Osmoctoe exact tablet under the drippers to promote migration of the nutrient in the pot.

For application in existing cultures, entirely bury the tablets in the soil...p >

For a purchased 3L pot = 3 cones when planting or transplanting < /.strong >

Fora 5L pot bought = 4 cones when planting or transplanting < /.strong >

For a 12 pot purchased L = 10 cones when planting or transplanting

For a purchased 45L pot = 20 cones when planting or transplanting < /.strong >

6 good reasons to use Osmocote exact Tablet:

-the safest Basacote fertilizer ", widely used by nurseries".

-Surroundings 40 cones by box.

-Easy to use

-Control of the intake of nutrients < /p>

-Rich in oligo elements < /.p >

-Fast reaction after application < /.p >

-The ideal solution for the refertilisation.

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