Among the lot of misconceptions that circulate on bamboo, we must mention the one that suggests that installed bamboo can not be dislodged. Does it come from the fact that those who were at the origin did it wrong and tried, as for a tree or a shrub, to tear stubble after stubble, rhizome after rhizome? Fortunately, there are less painful methods available to everyone and more effective.

If it is to eliminate bamboo dwarfs or small bamboos, it is necessary at the beginning of spring to cut all the stubble at the level of the ground with a shear, a brushcutter or a mower (according to the size of the bamboos). A few weeks later, when the new shoots develop their leaves, we must shave again or apply a weed killer "Glyphosate type 300gr" on the leaves if they are sufficiently developed. If new shoots still develop, repeat the treatment. In one season the reserves will be exhausted and the rhizomes will soon be wasted.

For medium or giant bamboos, the principle is the same: it consists of cutting all the stubble at ground level and then eliminating all the young shoots that come out (this is a good opportunity to eat them, for bamboos with edible shoots of course). According to the reserves contained in the rhizomes, the regrowth will be more or less important. It is important not to leave new leaves for a long time because they would elaborate new reserves that would enrich the rhizomes. Again after several passages, at the end of the season, the rhizomes will be exhausted and will be all the easier to extract they have lost their vitality for a long time.

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